Amazon Prime Video will soon remove one of the best manga film adaptations from its platform

For decades, manga has not ceased to seduce a large number of people. Given the enthusiasm of viewers, these manga are even sometimes the subject of film adaptations.

If most of these adaptations rarely convince the public, the famous film old boy managed to escape this trend. Formerly available on Amazon Prime Video, it is nevertheless about to be removed from the platform.

Old Boy soon to be removed from the Amazon Prime Video catalog

Of Death Note to Ghost in the Shell, Passing by Dragon Ball Evolution, the adaptation of Japanese works to the screen often rhymes with failure and disappointment on the part of the public. However, one of these adaptations stood out. This is the movie old boy of Park Chan-wook.

This film is indeed an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Tsuchiya Garonet Nobuaki Minegishi released in 1997, consisting of four volumes. This is the story of Oh Dae-su who, preparing to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, is arrested by the police for drunkenness on the public highway.

But after his release by the police, he is kidnapped on his way back and locked up in a room where his only companion was a TV; all without knowing why. Fifteen years later, he will be released with a thirst for revenge. He will then be contacted by the person who seems to be responsible for all his misfortunes, and this is how he will do everything possible to satisfy this revenge.

Park Chan-wook presents a narration of pain and rage, rage that will be shared by the viewer throughout the 120 minutes that the production lasts. This resoundingly successful South Korean film has thus made lovers of the story told not only in Asia but also all over the world.

Despite all this fame, the masterpiece is nevertheless preparing to be permanently removed from the Amazon Prime Video platform from next May 21, which still leaves the curious a few days to see it and see it again at will. .

A film appreciated for its originality and having received several awards

Park Chan-wook showed originality with his work by changing, compared to the manga, the personality of the main character, the motive of the antagonist and the outcome of the plot. This originality made old boy a cult film, going beyond the borders of its birthplace. It recorded for example in South Korea the best scores at the box office by surpassing highly anticipated films of the time such as Matrix and Kill: Bill volume 1.

This film has been exported all over the world and has conquered the hearts of English, American and French moviegoers. The film was even selected in 2004 to compete at Cannes. The director will leave this French festival with the Grand Prix in his pocket, the second most prestigious award after the Palme d’Or.

This adaptation will subsequently win other awards. These include, among others, the prize for best film at the 2004 Catalonia International Film Festival; Best Foreign Film at the British Independent Film Awards in 2004 and Best Asian Film at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2005.

A film that has also been the subject of an American adaptation

old boy so enthralled crowds across the globe that it ended up inspiring some American directors. Released in 2013 and directed by Spike Lee, this eponymous version did not, however, enjoy as much success as Park Chan-wook’s work.

A production that went almost unnoticed despite a fairly impressive cast where you could see faces known from the small screen like Elisabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson or even Josh Brolin.

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Amazon Prime Video will soon remove one of the best manga film adaptations from its platform