an acerbic description of human behavior (on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

Blu-ray Without filter 00

Artistic note: Red StarRed StarRed Starhalf red stargray star(3.5/5)


After Fashion Week, Carl and Yaya, a couple of models and influencers, are invited on a yacht for a luxury cruise. While the crew takes great care of the vacationers, the captain refuses to leave his cabin as the famous gala dinner approaches. Events take an unexpected turn and the balance of power is reversed when a storm rises and endangers the comfort of the passengers.

• Original title: Triangle of Sadness
• Media tested: Blu-ray
• Genre: dramatic comedy
• Year: 2022
• Director: Ruben Östlund
• Cast: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Woody Harrelson, Malte Gårdinger, Zlatko Burić, Hanna Oldenburg, Dolly De Leon, Alicia Eriksson, Carolina Gynning, Sunnyi Melles, Vicki Berlin, Oliver Ford Davies, Arvin Kananian, Iris Berben
• Duration: 2 h 27 min 08
• Video format: 16:9
• Cinema format: 1.78/1 and 2.39/1
• Subtitling: French
• Soundtracks: Dolby Atmos (TrueHD 7.1) English/Multilingual – DTS-HD MA 5.1 and 2.0 French
• Bonus: combo with the Blu-ray of the film
• Bonus VOST on the Blu-ray: interviews with Ruben Östlund and Dolly de Leon (18 min 49) – six deleted scenes (12 min 40)
• Bonus DVDs: Masterclass without filter by Ruben Östlund (VOST, 67 min 12)
• Publisher: M6 Video SND

Art commentary

Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2022, Without filter was written and directed by Ruben Östlund, a Swedish filmmaker who had previously won the same prize for The Square (2017), a prize list rarely equaled! Unusual filmmaker, with singular scripts and productions, Ruben Östlund looks back on the conception of his film in a master class interesting given as a supplement (see bonus DVD). Without filter – “triangle of sadness” in the original version alludes to a cosmetic surgery term designating a wrinkle between the eyebrows – changes location and gender three times: beginning with the backstage of a fashion show, continuing with a cruise in boat for the wealthy and ending in survival on a deserted island. From the first segment, Without filter points out the drift of our societies for appearance with its inglorious economic and human consequences. The condition of models, symbolized by the couple Yaya (Charlbi Dean) and Carl (Harris Dickinson), is paradoxical since men experience what women experience in “normal” society. Moreover, Ruben Östlund does not hide it, his whole film is based on “the observation of human behavior” and indicates that fashion is a way for the individual not to distinguish himself from the group. In this analytical quest, Without filter starts very strong with an argument scene in the restaurant that the filmmaker experienced with his partner and which points to the gender stereotype. The second part on the luxury yacht (the Cristina O having belonged to the Onassis) only prolongs these observations while introducing leftist politics into the notion of classes with the character of the Marxist and drunk commander (Woody Harrelson). The cruise is dominated by a baroque scene of a storm in the middle of a gourmet meal during which all the guests belonging to the privileged world of the wealthy are suddenly brought back to their natural condition of “ordinary” humans subject to seasickness. The last part of the film, in fashion survival, shows as a kind of social revenge: the housekeeper Abigail (Dolly De Leon) becomes the hierarchical head of the survivors because she is the only one to control the means ensuring the survival of the group. It has been rightly noted that this segment is strongly inspired by the play “The Admirable Crichton” by JM Barrie (1902) adapted several times for the cinema. The initial observation is not forgotten as Carl will use his charm and good looks as currency to gain benefits from Abigail, which speaks volumes about the fragility of feelings and human nature. Without filter does not spare the spectator and its formal and dramatic paroxysm could be accused of being too excessive and willingly anarchist, even nihilistic. This vitriolic portrait of humanity does indeed leave a feeling of acute pessimism about the fate and impulses of humanity, but it would be difficult not to notice the virtuosity of its staging, served by excellent actors (we will not soon forget the performance of the seductive Charlbi Dean who died too soon on August 29, 2022) and by the superb photography of Fredrik Wenzel. Detractors will see it as an ostentatious film lining up the demonstrative shock scenes and the clichés about the rich and the models, but these critics seem to neglect the dimension of the satire which succeeds, as with The Square, to destabilize the viewer to lead him to a sociological reflection that was not necessarily self-evident. Handling with dexterity the acid humor not devoid of a certain artificiality, Without filter – sometimes compared to Marco Ferreri – is more subtle than his outrageousness would suggest… provided you read between the lines. A bitter comedy that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Blu-ray No filter

Technical Comment

Picture : HD copy, superb definition and splendid sharpness on the details (digital filming with Arri Alexa LF, Red Gemini and Red Helium cameras, 4K Master Format), realistic reproduction of textures, very good control of contrasts, very bright image by Fredrik Wenzel, detail in low light, deep blacks, naturalistic calibration and colorimetry with warm and nuanced hues

His : English mix Dolby Atmos, very clear centered dialogues, excellent dynamics on action scenes (storm), ample spatialization with very immersive surround effects with limited but effective use of height channels, spectacular LFE; VF 5.1, clear, dynamic, solid LFE, immersive spatialization more limited than that of the VO, neat dubbing

Our opinion

Picture : Red StarRed StarRed StarRed Starhalf red star(4.5/5)
Sound mixes: blue Starblue Starblue Starblue Starhalf blue star(4.55)
Bonuses: Red StarRed StarRed StarRed Stargray star(4/5)
Packaging: blue Starblue Starblue Stargray stargray star(3/5)

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an acerbic description of human behavior (on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)