An anti-Covid pill authorized in the United States, Sandrine Rousseau “intimidated” by fans of Zemmour, Greenland overheated … Most of the news of this Wednesday

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Pfizer’s anti-covid pill licensed in the United States. Paxlovid, Pfizer’s treatment against Covid, has been authorized in the United States, the Food and drugs administration (FDA) announced on Wednesday. The benefit of this drug would be threefold. Cheaper than monoclonal antibody treatments, which cost between 2000 and 3000 euros per dose, it is easy to use since it is taken as a pill. Its mode of action is a priori effective against all known variants. According to the results – to be confirmed – of a first study carried out by the American laboratory, Paxlovid would show an effectiveness of 90% against the risk of hospitalization and death following an infection. Kick-off of the vaccination of children in France where 84,000 cases were reported in 24 hours, restrictions in Belgium and Spain: find all the news of the pandemic in our live.

Sandrine Rousseau denounces “intimidation” on the part of pro-Zemmour activists, at her home. On Twitter, the defeated candidate for the primary environmentalist Sandrine Rousseau denounced “Intimidation” committed according to her by aficionados of Eric Zemmour at his home, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. “That night, Zemmour activists drummed, stuck leaflets on my door, she wrote on the social network. These intimidations increase my energy tenfold in promoting ecological, social, feminist and anti-racist discourse ”. The ecologist announced that he had filed a complaint. Read our article.

Martinique: two anti-vaccine obligation union leaders die of covid-19. After Alain Decaille, president of the federation of independent taxis of Martinique, the president of the union for the defense of Martinican artists Aimé Agat also died of the consequences of covid-19 on Monday. Figures in the fight against the health pass, they would have been contaminated during a working meeting with the prefect. Read our article.

Greenland is overheating with temperatures 20 ° C to 30 ° C above average. In recent days, Greenland has recorded temperatures of up to 20 ° C to 30 ° C above seasonal averages. Mercury has even been positive in parts of the arctic island, according to the Danish meteorological institute, DMI. If in Nuuk, the capital, it was 13 ° C on December 20, instead of the usual -5.3 ° C, in the northernmost city of the country, Qaanaaq, the mercury rose to 8.3 ° C. Far from the -20.1 ° C of the season. Read our article.

Footballer Benjamin Mendy charged with seventh rape in UK. French Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy, already charged with six rapes and one sexual assault, was charged with an additional rape, during his appearance in English court on Wednesday. With this new charge added by the Crown Court in Chester, south of Liverpool, the 2018 world champion is now targeted by seven counts of rape on four women, and one of sexual assault on a fifth. These new facts are said to have occurred in July. Read our article.

Julia Ducournau’s “Titanium” will not touch Oscar gold. By presenting the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, France hoped to win the prize for Best International Film but ultimately did not pass the stage of preselection. The last time a French film was awarded in this category was in 1993. Read our article.

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Asbestos: a “prejudice of anxiety” recognized for a hundred railway workers. The Paris Court of Appeal ordered SNCF to compensate employees who worked in workshops where asbestos dust was present. The “prejudice of anxiety” thus sanctioned corresponds to the psychological disorders induced by coming into contact with this harmful material. Read our article.

The Turkish hazelnut crash plagues Nutella. While Turkey faces a major economic crisis, with a currency in free fall and consequent inflation, its production of dried fruits is no longer guaranteed. Which directly threatens the spread. Read our article.

Amazon’s tax malice in Sevrey. Third part of our series on the American giant, which has accelerated its establishment in France since the start of the pandemic. Which does not happen smoothly. In Sevrey (Saône-et-Loire), the company fought for years against the payment of a local tax. On the spot, we insist on the positive aspect of employment. Read our article.

What do we know about the new video by Robert Malone, messenger RNA pioneer and opposed to childhood vaccination? On the basis of contested arguments, the American doctor strongly opposes the vaccination of children with the products of Pfizer or Moderna. The man is also working on a competing vaccine on behalf of an Indian pharmaceutical group. Read the CheckNews article.

Abuse in children’s homes in Seine-et-Marne: “It is as if everything was done so that they explode”. Staff suspected of sexual assault, children guarded by guards at night, dilapidated premises… “Liberation” reveals new serious shortcomings within the Adsea 77, one of the main children’s social assistance associations in the department. Read our article.

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An anti-Covid pill authorized in the United States, Sandrine Rousseau “intimidated” by fans of Zemmour, Greenland overheated … Most of the news of this Wednesday