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December 6, 2022

After two editions marked by COVID, the prestigious European ceremony can finally return to “normal” operation. It is in the Icelandic capital that the body has settled down this year to reward the fine flower of European cinema.

This 35th edition is marked by the presence of three Cannes films, represented in almost all the main categories. We first find the sublime and subtle “Close“, by Lukas Dhont, who after the already applauded “Girl“, confirms all the good that we thought of him and his ability to capture adolescent torments as well as questions about identity with grace and modesty.

Major event of the year, crowned with a Palme d’Or (the second after “The Square“), “Without Filter is also among the most nominated films. A fierce satire on the bourgeois and the impossible dialogue between classes, the acerbic comedy was one of the shocks of the Croisette, some crying genius when others called for fistfights. With Ruben Östlund, everything is political, and this one is necessarily obscene and grotesque, like this liberalism that he attacks from production to production. This divides for sure, but his work never leaves you indifferent.

By his Danish nationality, Ali Abbasi could defend his footage “Nights of Mashhad“, a sticky thriller about an enlightened man in the holy land, persuaded to spread the good word by committing feminicides. And the 4,400 members of the European Film Academy did not miss this opportunity. If at Abus de Ciné, we preferred the the other Iranian film in the Cannes competition, the breathtaking “Leila and her brothers“, the performance of Zar Amir Ebrahimi has already earned the project an interpretation award last May.

If you want to discover all the nominees on video, it happens HERE.

For the others, you will find the various contenders for the many prizes below. They will have to wait until December 10 and face the cold of Reykjavík to hope to lift the statuette.


European Film:

OUR SUNS (ALCARRÀS) directed by Carla Simón, produced by María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz, Tono Folguera and Giovanni Pompili (Spain/ Italy)
CLOSE directed by Lukas Dhont, produced by Michiel Dhont, Dirk Impens, Michel Saint-Jean, Laurette Schillings, Arnold Heslenfeld, Frans Van Gestel and Jacques-Henri Bronckart (Belgium/ France/ Netherlands)
BODICE directed by Marie Kreutzer, produced by Alexander Glehr, Johanna Scherz, Bernard Michaux, Jonas Dornbach, Janine Jackowski, Maren Ade and Jean-Christophe Reymond (Austrich/ Luxembourg/ Germany/ France)
THE NIGHTS OF MASHHAD directed by Ali Abbasi, produced by Sol Bondy and Jacob Jarek (Denmark/ Germany/ Sweden/ France)
WITHOUT FILTER directed by Ruben Östlund, produced by Erik Hemmendorff and Philippe Bober (Sweden/ Germany/ France/ United Kingdom)

European Documentary:

A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont (Denmark/ Sweden/ Finland/ Ukraine)
GIRL-GANG directed by Susanne Regina Meures (Switzerland)
MARIUPOLIS 2 directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius (Lithuania/ France/ Germany)
THE BALCONY MOVIE (FILM BALKONOWY) directed by Paweł Łoziński (Poland)
THE MARCH ON ROME (MARCIA SU ROMA) directed by Mark Cousins ​​(Italy)

European Director:

Lukas Dhont for CLOSE
Marie Kreutzer for CORSAGE
Jerzy Skolimowski for OE
Alice Diop for SAINT-OMER
Ruben Ostlund for WITHOUT FILTER

European Actress:

Vicky Krieps in CORSAGE
Zar Amir Ebrahimi in THE NIGHTS OF MASHHAD
Léa Seydoux in A NICE MORNING

European Actor:

Paul Mescal in AFTERSUN
Eden Dambrine in CLOSE
Elliott Crosset Hove in GODLAND
Pierfrancesco Favino in NOSTALGIA
Zlatko Buric in WITHOUT FILTER

European Screenwriter:

Carla Simón and Arnau Vilaró for OUR SUNS (ALCARRÀS)
Kenneth Branagh for BELFAST
Lukas Dhont and Angelo Tijssens for CLOSE
Ali Abbasi and Afshin Kamran Bahrami for THE NIGHTS OF MASHHAD
Ruben Ostlund for WITHOUT FILTER

European Discovery – FIPRESCI Prize (reserved for first feature films)

107 MOTHERS (CENZORKA) directed by Peter Kerekes (Slovakia/ Czech Republic/ Ukraine)
DALVA directed by Emmanuelle Nicot (Belgium/ France)
OTHER PEOPLE (INNI LUDZIE) directed by Aleksandra Terpińska (Poland/ France)
PAMFIR’S OATH directed by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Ukraine/ France/ Poland/ Germany/ Chile)
PICCOLO CORPO directed by Laura Samani (Italy/ Slovenia/ France)
RING directed by Kurdwin Ayub produced by Ulrich Seidl (Austria)

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And the nominees for the European Awards 2022 are… – Abus de Ciné