And the Palme d’Or goes to…

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The festival awards various prizes, including its Palme d’Or, to each of its editions. For the first time a Mexican banda is one of the 16 candidates for this distinction.

Lhe Condom Festival is the reference in France for its competitions and its awards. Various tests are organized in order to give precedence to musical qualities but also those linked to the sense of animation, to creative talents, to the consideration of traditions… It is up to a jury of professionals and personalities from the musical world the difficult task of following the bandas engaged during the two days and of rating them according to very specific criteria.

Los Ronceros put their Palme d’Or back into play

The Palmes d’or, d’argent et de bronze, the title of Champion of France, the Tambourin d’argent, the Trumpet d’or, d’argent et de bronze, the Gascon d’or et d’argent, the Lune d’or, d’argent et de bronze are so many prizes, distinctions, awarded by the festival, which is also very attentive to “the next generation” embodied by the bandas Juniors.

Also, Les Rencontres de Bandas Juniors, crowns one of them Banda Junior champion of France, among the 7 in the running.

With the “Festival favourite” it is a particularly deserving band and whose numbers are quite modest (20/25 musicians) which is honored and also rewarded.

As for the Creation Prize or how to rely on the past to invent the future, it is intended to encourage the creative spirit. This competition allows the bandas concerned to present pieces of their own composition, in front of a jury of professionals.

For this 49th edition, the bandas invited to compete, including Los Ronceros, the Palme d’Or Spanish band from the previous edition who hopes to achieve the double, are as follows:


Banda 33 (Blaye 33) Band A Gérard (Toulouse 31) Band’Atomic (Vitrolles 13) Banda Mescladis (Béziers 34) La Châtelaine (Rochechouart 87) Burgais Boleros (Burg 65) Shining Glasses (Surgères 17) Los Gaujos (Barsac 33) Los Picaros (Tartas 40) Los Ronceros (Santona Spain) Los Soupaeros (Toulouse 31) Los Tabascos (Willancourt Belgium) Music Band’s 59 (Tourcoing 59) Rambal & Sagan (Coursan 11) Renniw Brass Band (Mexico Mexico) Zarpaï Banda ( Hendaye 64).

These bandas compete for the following distinctions: the Palmes, gold, silver, bronze, the title of Champion of France, the Tambourines, the Trumpets, the Gascons, the Moons.


Banda Lagunak (Ustaritz 64) Banda Marracq (Bayonne 64) Banda Mescla Kids (Beziers 34) Chupito Banda Junior (Tonneins 47) Les Gascounets (Nogaro 32) Les Verres Luisants (Surgères 17) Los Gatchos Kid’s (Peyrehorade 40)

These bandas are aiming for the title of Junior French Champion


Band’Atomic (Vitrolles 13) Banda Mescladis (Béziers 34) Los Gatchos Kid’s (Peyrehorade 40) Zarpaï Banda (Hendaye).

These bandas are aiming for the Musical Creation Prize


A Bisto de Nas (Layrac 47) Band ‘A’ Part (Condom 32) Banda Bonhomme (St Bauzille de Putois 34) Jimbalaya Banda (Nérac 47) La Dé Banda De (Bordeaux 33) Les Apéritubes (St Nicolas de la Grave 82) The Dandy’s of Armagnac (Aignan 32) The Kanari’s (Montréal du Gers 32) The Marcels (Gazaupouy 32) Los Ensorelhats (Mazères-Lezons 64) Los Pagayos (Fleurance 32) Los Valencianos (Valence sur Baïse 32)

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And the Palme d’Or goes to…