Anne-Marie Torrisi: the colors of the beyond


Lhen she loses Lucia, her sister-in-law, her twin soul, it’s a collapse. The one to whom she ran as soon as possible, in Sicily, is no more, and the drama is of such brutality thatAnne-Marie Torrisi think you can’t get over it. A deep depression ensues. But the spirit of Lucia regularly presents itself to her during automatic writing sessions, assuring her one day: “I am in charge of announcing to you that your destiny will change. You will paint works, you will be an artist-painter. Heaven gives you a gift, accept it. Your success will be dazzling”. Having never held a brush, having no kind of artistic culture, Anne-Marie does not take the message seriously. Only then, this message becomes reality. We can smile about it, of course, but it is worth noting how inspiration is a central theme in the history of art.

Antiquity straightforwardly attributed creation to an external influence. Think of the Muse who guided Homer when it came to recounting Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. The same is true in modernity, with the mystical experience of the landscape for symbolist painters. And it is indeed inspiration that is still in the contemporary era when we consider the use of drugs by the painter Basquiat or the guitarist Jimi Hendrix. In all these cases, it is a question of letting oneself be crossed by something other than oneself, by foreign and mysterious forces which will lead the mind to conceive original works, without equivalent. Whatever credit we give to the idea of ​​life after death, Anne-Marie Torrisi places herself well in the wake of her predecessors by exploiting an inexplicable inspiration from which spring unique creations.

The painting

It is the relationship to color that strikes first when one discovers the paintings of Anne-Marie Torrisi. The images, powerful, are carried by a painting with

the oil she loves for its light and liveliness. She was never able to resolve herself in acrylic, too dull, too cold to marry the figures she poses on the canvas and which come to seek towards the spectator. Who summon him. Initially, during the first 3 years of her practice, she knew she was supported, guided, inspired by the deceased, painters who could not accept this interruption that death imposed on their pictorial research. “You’re going to paint soldiers”, and here comes a whole series of works, now fully sold. We were able to ask her to “dirty” her work, and she saw herself taking the contours of a brush coated with black, before lightly smearing the whole thing until this result was something she could not have imagined on her own. Auguste Comte’s formula that “the dead govern the living” could not be better illustrated.

And then one day, suddenly, no more messages. More flash. The teachers had left the place, clearly convinced that the learning phase had come to an end. Anne-Marie emancipates herself from the influences of the beyond, she becomes a full-fledged painter and advances at her own pace. It is not easy to choose the table on which to stop, but let us turn our attention to its Christ. The work is fairly unrepresentative of Anne-Marie Torrisi’s style, and that may be the reason that led us to single it out. Blue, tender and of an infinite softness, the pupils of Christ carry here a strangeness which seizes. The Holy Crown mingles with the beard that eats the lower part of the face, the head is as if detached from the body, the eyes are bloodshot and it is pure attention that we are then faced with. Because the pupils are unharmed. Because you don’t get to the heart of an idea.


Today, inspiration manifests itself in everyday life. A chance encounter, an event, a sudden idea, and here she is pulling out her sketchbook. Paint what you feel. Do not forget. Not to be forgotten either. Affected by a disease

auto-immune, particularly rare, she knows that only art will allow her to defy time by overcoming death. Fortunately, success is growing. Since this first exhibition in Villefranche-sur-Mer which attracted a public charmed by the mediumistic dimension of his creations, the years have passed, but recognition has settled. So much so that an article was devoted to her in the prestigious magazine Univers des arts and that the editor-in-chief of this same magazine wrote the enthusiastic preface to Anne-Marie’s autobiography: The Gift of Beyond.

We won’t list his awards and accolades here, but a few are worth mentioning. Ambassador of the Academy of Art, Science and Culture, she will receive the silver medal. In 2019, the international cultural association Art et Lettres de France awarded him the “Monna Lisa” prize. This year, she was awarded the “Palme d’or de l’art et de la culture” in San Remo for her Virgin and Child, but was also awarded at the Monaco International Biennial. We can discover a virtual gallery on the site Singularity, where his works also sell a lot. Did she succeed? Not yet. She received a message claiming that a biographical film will be dedicated to her. She knows it will happen. It’s a matter of time and encounters.

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Anne-Marie Torrisi: the colors of the beyond