Are all zodiac signs spendthrifts?

Air signs, economical signs

On the side of the air signs, the tendency is rather to savings. If Virgo cannot be considered stingy, she nevertheless likes to put her money aside in an assiduous manner. His goal is to feel safe. On the other hand, she will not hesitate to be generous in supporting her loved ones in case of need, even strangers. Virgo considers that savings are the starting point of great fortunes.


Taurus might well be considered the stingiest sign of the zodiac. For him, a penny is a penny. Money is security and the more he has in his possession, the better off he is. And in case their bank account sees red, Taurus may well be prone to a panic attack. Although he appreciates enjoying the good things in life, this sign holds the golden palm of stinginess and will prefer to keep his savings for him. Little advice, Taurus, think about the purchase of consumer credit to reduce your monthly payments before a Cancer gets involved.


On the Capricorn side, we calculate its investments in order to earn as much money as possible. Although it may take time, this sign will work hard to capitalize. Patient, he is also ambitious and sees the long term while continuing to live comfortably. Aries will be delighted to welcome a pragmatic Capricorn into their home who is good at maintaining their finances.

The signs of the air, between playfulness and disinterestedness

As for the air signs, the relationship to money is more varied. Gemini will thus see their finances as a game. If they don’t have any savings, they won’t make a big deal out of it. On the other hand, if he has a small nest egg, he will not hesitate to spend it all. Relaxed in their relationship with money, Gemini will always try to negotiate a better price. Enough to bristle the hairs of our thrifty Virgin.


Libra, on the other hand, appreciates beautiful things. Elegant, it will favor quality over quantity. Thus, she will not hesitate to spend all her savings, without ending up overdrawn at the end of the month. Scales, there are applications that will help you monitor your expenses and will be of particular benefit to you.


It seems that money does not buy happiness. This old adage applies perfectly to Aquarians, who don’t care about that at all. This astrological sign lives without needing a substantial nest egg with him and he will never strive to earn a lot.

Water signs, all to nothing

When it comes to water signs, it’s all about nothing. Cancer is comparable to a broken basket as he spends his barely earned money. A consequence of his sometimes childish temperament, he is also the king of whims and remains capable of sulking if he does not get what he wants. Whatever your sign, we wish you courage to live with it.


Scorpio, on the other hand, is capable of going from all to nothing. He can build his savings without spending, with the aim of carrying out a project, but he is also able to squander everything in an instant. Our advice: to watch, and not to associate with Cancer.

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Are all zodiac signs spendthrifts?