Bac: Alain Delon, Omar Sy, Zinedine Zidane… These French personalities who succeeded without having the diploma

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Actors, politicians, singers, footballers, chefs… The list of French personalities who have marked history without ever having obtained the baccalaureate is long.

The results of the baccalaureate fell, if unfortunately, you did not pass the exam, know that this was also the case of many French personalities. Looking back, the least we can say is that they succeeded in life, even without the precious diploma. Actors, singers, footballers, politicians, fashion designer, presenters… Who are these stars who don’t have the baccalaureate?

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Alain Delon

Actor, director and producer, Alain Delon is a monument of French cinema. However, the latter does not have the baccalaureate, but a CAP charcuterie.

Antoine Griezmann

World champion and internationally renowned footballer, Antoine Griezmann also did not have his baccalaureate. His sports career preceded his schooling and, at a very young age, he was recruited into prestigious clubs.

Omar Sy

Another legendary actor, Omar Sy, known for his roles in untouchables, X-men, Le chant du Loup and many others, did not get the diploma. It was only a month before passing the tests that he decided to drop everything to devote himself to cinema.

Zinedine Zidane

Do we really need to present it? The footballer did not need to go to the baccalaureate because he was quickly spotted in the world of football, at the age of 13.

Vanessa Paradis

World-famous French singer and actress, Vanessa Paradis quickly made a name for herself in the world of music. Her title “Joe le Taxi”, which she performed at the age of 14, propelled her career away from the school benches.

Michael Drucker

He is neither a footballer nor a singer and yet he is one of the most famous French presenters. Michel Drucker stopped studying at the age of 17, to succeed in journalism at the age of 23, without the baccalaureate.


A new star of French song, Louane, has also never won the baccalaureate diploma. After The Voice and the success of “La famille Bélier”, she decided to pursue show business.

Jean Pierre Foucault

Miss France, Who wants to earn millions… And no baccalaureate. Far from there. Jean-Pierre Foucault was not really “school” and was even expelled from his high school. Fortunately for him, he won a host contest on RMC, thus making his career take off.

Christian Estrosi

Minister twice, deputy, mayor… Christian Estrosi never obtained the baccalaureate. Like what, one can occupy the highest functions of the State without the diploma of the baccalaureate. On the political side, note that John Lassalle, Christian Jacob or Jean-Louis Debre don’t have a baccalaureate either.

Gérard Depardieu

Another legendary actor, who nevertheless left school at the age of 13. He became a bodyguard or even an apprentice in a printing press before breaking into the cinema.

Jean paul Gaultier

One of the most famous couturiers on the planet also did not have his baccalaureate. Very quickly, he wants to get into work and knocks on the door of Pierre Cardin, who offers him a job.

Adèle Exarchopoulos

Palme d’or and César for best female hope, Adèle Exarchopoulos has decided to devote herself to her passion: cinema. Unlike many on this list, she did pass her baccalaureate, but didn’t.

Patrick Bruel

Just like Adèle Exarchopoulos, Patrick Bruel passed his baccalaureate, without success. Never mind, he launches into cinema and song, a paying choice.

Alain Ducasse

Let’s conclude with a chef and not just any one. Alain Ducasse, without a baccalaureate in his pocket, was the most starred chef in the world and worked in the greatest palaces on the planet. Like what, even without a baccalaureate, it is possible to mark history forever.

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Bac: Alain Delon, Omar Sy, Zinedine Zidane… These French personalities who succeeded without having the diploma