Black Adam: The Rock’s film is destroyed by the American press

Even before being released in the United States, where it did not really take off the box office, the film black adam got rotten by the American press.

To get the DCEU back on track, the Warner stacked the odds in his favor by rowing for the first time in a superhero movie The Rock, one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors. The new DC Universe movie is out on October 21 in the United States.butDwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Didn’t Really Ignite the Box Office for its home launch.

It must be said that a few days before its arrival in theaters, the first American reviews were already mixed, even very negative. Newspaper.


“The latest installment in the DC Extended Universe all too often succumbs to genre conventions – it’s a film filled with tacky punchlines and predictable action scenes – but some compelling performances and director Jaume Collet’s enthusiasm -Serra for B-movies are compensation enough.” Screen Daily

“Make no mistake: Black Adam is made of predictable action sequences, tedious fight scenes, and even has the now-essential sacrifice of a major character. But it’s that seasoning of radical politics – the theme: the question whether freedom fighters have to abide by the rules of war – which gives it a bit of spice, not sure if that’s enough to set Black Adam apart in a world that already has too many superhero movies .” The Washington Post

“This surprisingly serious (but still very weighty) project robs Johnson of his greatest power – his sense of humor – while giving the now motley star the opportunity to play a character with interesting contradictions.” variety

Grit your teeth Dwayne, the hardest part is coming

“The plot makes sense. And Jaume Collet-Serra is a good director and the movie is pretty decent. For me, it’s just a sense of disappointment. There’s nothing interesting here, but it should certainly there will be.” Uproxx

“There’s a good movie, if not a really good movie, lurking in all the soulless jumble of Black Adam’s plot. Unfortunately, not all the considerable talent manages to deliver it.” A.V. Club

“Fast, fierce, hazy: Beautifully unruly, Johnson’s live-action DC arc strives to entertain, but struggles to breathe amid the noise.” Total Movie

“Most disappointing is that Black Adam is one of the most visually confusing superhero sagas, between unattractive CGI and fast-paced editing that sucks the elation out of every fight scene.” The Wrap

Black Adam: PictureThe press that loosens up on the film

“Black Adam features a protagonist with near limitless power, which only makes his puny script more visible. Dwayne Johnson has very limited scope for expression as the mystical ancient being in the DC’s latest superhero epic, a film that’s nowhere near as cool as its poster art, while underscoring the inherent challenge of building stories around anti-heroes.” CNN

“Considered as a light product with lots of digital special effects made especially for the actor – a soft rock movie – it’s just boring. The problem is everything that’s happening on screen around it. Even by questionable DCEU standards, it’s a brothel with a cape.” RollingStone

“The problem isn’t that Johnson can’t play – he really can! – the problem is that he doesn’t want to. He still wants the simple idolatry a child might have for his favorite athlete. He wants to be larger than life. But even the biggest movie stars need to be a little smaller than that to give people something to look at, not just admire.” IndieWire

Black Adam: Picture“I’ll be back!”

Provided with disembodied writing and a treatment similar to the Marvel recipe that has ruled the genre, black adam aped in a big action-packed romp. A choice which can certainly entertain, but which can also and above all bore if a happy medium is not found between the stuffing and the talk. And no luck, if the press admitted that the director proposed well-packaged entertainment with special effects that hold together, the feature film is rather harmless within the vast superheroic horizon. A critical failure for the egotrip of a monolithic frowning Dwayne Johnson.

In France, black adam landed in theaters on October 19.

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Black Adam: The Rock’s film is destroyed by the American press