Blonde: the director compares his Netflix biopic on Marilyn Monroe to Citizen Kane and Raging Bull

The Netflix biopic about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde hairdirected by Andrew Dominik, should look like raging bull and Citizen Kane according to its filmmaker.

The selection for the Cannes Film Festival 2022 fell last week. Filmmakers David Cronenberg, James Gray, Park Chan-wook, George Miller, Jerzy Skolimowski and many others will screen their new films there, promising a rich, exciting and exciting edition. But like every year, expected names are missing from Thierry Frémaux’s lists, between Ari Aster, Wes Anderson, Jordan Peale and… Netflix.

Indeed, since the debates aroundOkja and The Meyerowitz Stories during the 2017 edition of the festival, the croisette has not hosted a single film from the platform at N rouge. Between the chronology of the media and the obligations to broadcast the films in selection in French cinemas: the situation is blocked between the streaming giant and the directors of the festival. A tension that prevents some highly anticipated feature films from being screened at Cannes, such as Blonde hair directed by Andrew Dominik.

A noticeable absence for the biopic on Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas which nevertheless continues to reveal itself. And if we are to believe its director – who spoke with ColliderBlonde hair promises to be exciting (and not just because it will be forbidden to minors because of sex):

The fallen angels

“Blonde is a movie about the cursed children of the world. It’s like Citizen Kane and Raging Bull had a baby girl. Well, the whole idea of ​​Blonde was to detail a dramatic childhood and show how that past has split the adult into two personalities, one public and one private How does the adult see the world through the eyes of a dramatic childhood?

In a way, it’s the story of a person whose rational view of the world has been overwhelmed by his subconscious, while drawing on the myth of Marilyn Monroe. The film takes up all the imagery that you may have seen around Marilyn Monroe, the films, the photographs of her life, but changes its meaning with regard to her personal drama. […]

It’s as if an unwanted child becomes the most coveted woman in the world and has to live with all those eyes on her. This must be confusing.”

Citizen Kane: photo, Orson WellesBehind the veneer of fame and money?

Andrew Dominik therefore makes a bridge between his biopic on Marilyn Monroe and the films directed by Martin Scorsese and Orson Wells. Like the boxer Jake LaMotta and the fictional billionaire Charles Foster Kane – very inspired by the mania of the press William Randolph Hearst – the actress seen by the filmmaker will be one of those characters who rubbed shoulders with the stars while having to deal with their personal cracks.

The director of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and of Cogan: Killing Them Softly also adds that the travels of his Marilyn Monroe will be treated as “a kind of nightmare”. A new way to insist on his uncompromising vision of the career of the actress.

Raging Bull: photo, Robert De NiroPoupoupidou!

And if Andrew Dominik’s feature film lives up to the references it summons in an interview, it’s a safe bet that a great film awaits us. Still according to the exchanges between the filmmaker and Collider, Blonde hair could have been broadcast during the Venice Film Festival 2021, but finally saw himself back on the editing bench. However, the director did not say his last word:“The idea is for him to go to Venice this year, what’s it like…September?”

In the absence of the Croisette and the Palme d’Or, Blonde hair therefore has a chance of finishing in competition for the Golden Lion of Venice. To see what will happen. In any case, no release date yet for this biopic on the legendary Hollywood actress. To say that at Large Screen the expectation is at its peak sounds like an understatement.

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Blonde: the director compares his Netflix biopic on Marilyn Monroe to Citizen Kane and Raging Bull