Boarding for Cannes: fourteen gold palms on stage and a controversy over bitumen

Benoît Magimel, Julia Ducournau, Louis Garrel, Ariane Ascaride, Jeanne Balibar, Niels Schneider… David Boyer ABACA

DAY 9 – As the festival celebrates its 75th anniversary, several filmmakers, from Rebecca Zlotowski to Guillermo Del Toro, are wondering about the future of their activity.

Holy distribution. The Cannes Film Festival celebrated its 75th anniversary in the company of 121 faces of the 7e art. Claude Lelouch, Wim Wenders, Emir Kusturica, Costa Gavras and even the Dardenne brothers joined a platform on the stage of the Grand Théâtre Lumière. In all, fourteen gold palms combined (some have received several). Thierry Frémaux did not shy away from his pleasure in seeing world cinema smiling for his family photo. Julia Ducournau was a bit of a band apart, David Cronenberg was chatting with Paolo Sorrentino. Del Toro performed a Spanish melody in his stentorian voice.

Who of these guests will be there to blow out the hundred candles of the festival? Will cinema even still exist? Interested parties were discussing it on Wednesday. “No art form ever died out, things change“, proposes Nicolas Winding Refn. “We pay cash to have made cinema between us, cinema which is aimed at people who are aging“Judge Rebecca Zlotowski. The discussion goes straight to the question of platforms. “If I’m quiet at home watching a movie, I don’t want the movie police ordering me to watch it on the big screen!“, plague Abel Ferrara. “We must not be shy in the face of platforms (…) We are troublemakers, rebels, we want to destroy the machine!“, fulminates, on the contrary, DelToro. Paolo Sorrentino, nostalgic for the big screen, has let it be known that he will no longer return to Netflix.

Perhaps the future of cinema is being prepared with the 25 winners of the Motor! competition. These young people between the ages of 14 and 22, who came to Cannes to climb the steps, each made short videos on a personality or a subject that inspires them. Augustin dedicated his video to a former school bus driver. Lounès, to his educational assistant. Elvanne, 15, to her feelings. She imagined them in stop motion. “It took a day of work to achieve thirty seconds”. Taika Waititi is part of his pantheon, says the Dunkirk. By coming to Cannes, she opens her “outlook” and hope “gain confidence” in her. Thierry Frémaux will give each of the young people a reward.

Oh, here’s one. We had not had, so far, a controversy to put in our mouths. The director of Rodeo, first film on these two-wheeled getaways that heat the asphalt and the spirit of young people in the cityserves a backfiring one. “Accidents are often caused by cops chasing and creating a form of precariousness that pushes riders towards death”, assures this 33-year-old filmmaker during an interview with Konbini. A week after a child was injured in Pantin by one of these wild rodeosthe statement raises eyebrows.

First of all, the mayor of Cannes, who faces these phenomena and says he has not been “convinced by the words of this lady, which resemble a sketch of the Unknown“. Faced with this surprising position on the part of David Lisnard, our colleagues from Freed straddled their feelings of indignation: “Is the interference of the LR town hall in the choice of subjects for the films of the Festival pointing to the horizon? (…) The cinema of David Lisnard is a window on a world which stinks like the streets of Cannes in the sun”. Response from the aedile: “We never intervene in a choice of programming (…). I am proud of this tolerance. But that does not prevent freedom of opinion”.

Bertrand Usclat had been seen on the most popular terraces of the seaside resort. Leisure ? Work ! After gently making fun of film critics who can no longer see films and make complicated sentences to hide their ignorance, the 35-year-old videographer tackled Cannes evenings. Ungrateful…

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Boarding for Cannes: fourteen gold palms on stage and a controversy over bitumen