Bruce Willis in 5 key figures

At 67, Bruce Willis has decided to end his career for health reasons. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @dobledebruce

At 67, Bruce Willis has decided to end his career due to health problems. Back in figures on the journey of one of Hollywood’s most emblematic actors.

1.435 billion dollars in revenue for the Die Hard saga

Bruce Willis’ career took off in 1988 with

crystal trap



). The actor endorses for the first time the costume of providential savior by interpreting John McClane. The film becomes cult and will have four sequels:

58 minutes to live


A day in hell


back to hell

(2007) and

Beautiful day to die

(2013). In total, the franchise brought in

$1.435 billion

worldwide. The 5 films total

9.2 million


in France.

A fee of 800,000 dollars for Pulp Fiction

In 1994, Bruce Willis agreed to lower his salary to


to shoot under the direction of Quentin Tarantino. A winning bet:

pulp Fiction

met with immense critical acclaim and won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2013, on the other hand, the actor claims

$1 million

per day of shooting, or 4 million dollars in total, for the third part of


when he was offered 3. Led by Sylvester Stallone, the film tells the adventures of a group of mercenaries and brings together the main

action heroes

Hollywood. Considered too greedy, Bruce Willis is replaced by Harrison Ford.

The Fifth Element, 7 million admissions in France

With a budget of

€75.2 million


The fifth Element

by Luc Besson was the most expensive film ever produced in Europe when it was released on May 7, 1997. The film attracted

7.7 million viewers

in France. It is the biggest success of the French box office that year. He reaps

$263.9 million

recipes around the world.

Over $100 million for Sixth Sense

In 2000, Bruce Willis radically changed register with

Sixth Sense

. The film was a hit, grossing over

$620 million

of recipes around the world (

€558 million

). It marks the actor’s first collaboration with M. Night Shyamalan, whom he will find for







Bruce Willis would have received a fixed salary of

$14 million

to play Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a psychologist who comes to the aid of a young boy. In addition to this stamp, there is a profit-sharing of 17% on receipts. In total, Bruce Willis would have perceived

$106 million

for a single and unique film, against


for his young on-screen partner, Haley Joel Osment.

8.34 billion dollars generated during his career

According to a ranking published by the site

The Numbers

Bruce Willis has had a leading role in 79 feature films, earning him

$6.756 billion

. He ranks 34th in the world ranking of 100 stars in a leading role (

Top 100 stars in leading roles at the worldwide box office

) with an average of $85.5 million generated per film. If we add twenty supporting roles and cameos, the actor would have brought in no less than

$8.34 billion

during his career.

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Bruce Willis in 5 key figures