Cannes 2022 – A Palme d’Or set with diamonds on the occasion of the 75th anniversary

A unique Palme d’Or set with diamonds to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Festival:

As the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival opens on May 17, the Maison Chopard will celebrate this anniversary by creating a unique Palme d’Or, announced the Swiss jeweler in a press release. The famous trophy, manufactured for 25 years by Chopard, will be equipped with two leaflets set with diamonds and placed on a rose quartz base.

On one of the leaflets, 75 encrusted diamonds will symbolize the Festival’s jubilee, while on the other, 25 diamonds will immortalize the quarter-century of the partnership with Chopard: a double celebration in unison.“, explains the famous house.

The palm, in ethically certified Fairmined 18-carat yellow gold, will also be fixed not on a rock crystal cushion as usual, but on a rose quartz base.

In Greek mythology, this powdery pink, delicately ribbed gem is said to have been born from the very hands of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love.“, explains the jeweler. “Quartz, derived from the Greek word ‘krustallos’ which means ‘ice’, is said to be the ice of the gods. Rose quartz was chosen to symbolize the unconditional love that unites the Festival with cinema and Chopard and the Festival since 1997..”

Why and since when a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival?

Contrary to what one might have thought, the Palme d’Or is much younger than the festival itself. Indeed, from 1946, when the festival was created, to 1954, the winners received a “Grand Prix du Festival International du Film” diploma and a work of art by a contemporary artist, different each year.

In 1954, the organizers of the festival, wishing to personalize the trophy and give even more brilliance to this increasingly important cinematographic event, commissioned several jewelers to design a new trophy, with a palm motif as a motif, to recall the palm, which has existed on the coat of arms of the city of Cannes since the year 990.

It is the jewelry designer Lucienne Lazon, who will design the first Palme d’Or at the Cannes festival. Its palm leaf rests on a terracotta base made by the French sculptor Gabriel-Sébastien Simonet, known as Sébastien.

The first Palme d’Or in history will be given in 1955 to the American director Delbert Mann for his film Martin.

Thereafter, not being unanimous, and for lack of financial means, from 1964 to 1974, the prize was abandoned, and the board of directors returned to the “Grand Prix du festival” with the formula diploma-work of art.

It was not until 1975 that the Palme d’Or returned definitively, and even became the festival’s logo from the 1980s.

Over the years, the Palme d’Or will evolve. At the start of the 1980s, the rounded shape of the base supporting the Palme was gradually transformed to become pyramidal in 1984 and in 1992 it became crystal. The same year, the palm itself will also be modernized.

It was only since 1997 that it was redesigned by Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, president of the Swiss jewelery company Chopard, who since that date has had the exclusive right to make it, and who offers it every year to the festival in the framework of an official partnership.

From 2000, two miniature versions, called “mini-palms” are given for the interpretation prizes and from 2018, these mini-palms are also given to all the prizes awarded to the winners of the official feature film competition.

In 2017, for the 70th anniversary of the Festival, the precious reward will also be set with diamonds. “ The 118 grams of pure gold of this exceptional palm will be sprinkled with 167 diamonds for a weight of 0.694 carats, like stardust on the foliage and the stem. “, had specified the Chopard jewelry house.

Conceived by a woman, later modernized by another woman, the Palme d’Or has only been awarded to women twice, or more precisely one and a half times: in 1993 to Jane Campion for the film The piano lessonsharing it with Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige who got it for Farewell my concubine and in 2021 to Julia Ducournau for Titanium.

Manufacturing process of the Palme d’Or:

Worth around 20,000 euros, the palm, whose base of the stem is shaped like a heart to remind us that ” Chopard loves cinema » weighs 118 grams of yellow gold and measures 13.5 centimeters long and 9 centimeters wide. It is worked from an 18-carat gold ingot (75% gold and 25% copper and silver alloy), cast at 760° in a plaster mold where a wax copy that melts under the effect of heat but leaves its mark. The palm is then filed, chiseled and polished then fixed with its slightly curved stem and its 19 leaflets carved on a crystal cushion of one kilogram, cut in diamond. For 2022, the crystal is replaced by a rose quartz. The trophy is then placed in a blue morocco case. No less than 40 hours of work are needed by five artisans from the Chopard house to hand-craft the most coveted treasure of the festival.

Below are some photos to illustrate some of the stages in the making of the Palme d’Or (Photos Chopard):

Who will be the lucky winner who will win this beautiful unique Palme d’Or? The answer on May 28, 2022!

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Cannes 2022 – A Palme d’Or set with diamonds on the occasion of the 75th anniversary