Cannes 2022: Boos, awards, technical problems… the highlights of the Festival!

With the American Oscar ceremony, the Cannes film festival ranks as the most prestigious cinema event in the world. A sublime glamorous setting for its stars, it is also and above all a huge spotlight for the winners. Throughout its history, it has accumulated significant moments.

In 1993, the Cannes Film Festival thus marked history by awarding, finally will say the gossips, its first Palme d’or to a woman for a feature film. Director Jane Campion wins the trophy for the cult film The piano lesson ; note, however, that it shares the price with Farewell my concubine by Chen Kaige, tied for… She had already won a Palme at Cannes in 1986, but in the short film category. “Being the first distinguished woman changed a lot of things“, she will say afterwards. Her joy is unfortunately short-lived since, a month later, she loses her son aged only 10 days following complications.

Big jump in time, in 2016, when the film The Neon Demon by director Nicolas Winding Refn receives an amazing 17 minute standing ovation between two boos! One of the longest ever on the Croisette. The feature film, which divides the public and the critics, however leaves empty-handed from this Cannes edition. Moreover, a fight will even break out between two critics during its presentation at the festival.

The following year, in 2017, it was the turn of the film Okja to be controversial. Stamped Netflix, when the film is screened, whistles are heard in the auditorium. The streaming platform is not welcome in the hearts of festival-goers who regret that the American firm refuses to release the feature film in cinemas in order to reserve it as a priority for its subscribers. The projection will also be interrupted for ten minutes due to a technical problem.the film having been broadcast in a bad aspect ratio.

In 2019, the Cannes Film Festival is marked by the triumph of film Parasite. Bong Joon-Ho’s Excellent South Korean Drama receives the Palme d’or unanimously from the jury and, a few months later, he also wins the Oscar for best film. He is the second feature film in the history of the festival to achieve this double after Martinin 1955. In 1946, the movie The poison had more or less done the same feat but, at the time, the Palme d’Or was then called the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film. Its new name dates from… 1955!

Finally, in 2021, the Cannes Film Festival is once again being talked about by offering its Palme d’or to a woman, for the second time only since its creation. And it is the Frenchwoman Julia Ducournau who receives the honor with her ultra divisive film, Titanium. During its screening, spectators even felt unwell in the room… Note that the president of the jury that year, Spike Lee, had gotten his brushes a little tangled and had announced the big winner from the start. of the closing ceremony, putting an end to the suspense…

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Cannes 2022: Boos, awards, technical problems… the highlights of the Festival!