Cannes film festival. Tom Cruise back on the Croisette, thirty years later

Tom Cruise. His name is on everyone’s lips as the 75th Cannes Film Festival opens. Everyone wants to see the Cannes preview screening of the event Top Gun: Maverick, screened in a special screening. And everyone wants to attend the meeting he gave to festival-goers, this Wednesday afternoon, to talk about him, his career, cinema.

Tom Cruise, soon to be 60 years old, continues to make the cinema planet dream, with his invincible man’s physique, on which the years have not taken. Tom Cruise looks like a tireless and eternal superhero, out of time. His dazzling physical form impresses and viewers will verify it with the return of the adventures of Top Gun: Maverick May 25 at the cinema: he is unbeatable.

Tom Cruise is an all-risk actor, and one of those stunt actors, like Jean-Paul Belmondo, ready to play the craziest action scenes, without understudy, even if it means putting himself in danger. Adrenaline-fueled actor: See how he literally defies death in the blockbuster franchise Impossible missionenormous successes with each opus.

No other actor does what he does: climb a skyscraper, parachute, hang from a plane wing in full takeoff, from helicopters, ride the streets of Paris on a motorbike, crush cars at speed and jump from rooftop to rooftop during a chase scene.

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A few wrinkles of wisdom

In Tom Cruise, nothing seems impossible, even if in Top Gun: Maverick, his character, the now veteran pilot Pete Maverick Mitchell, thirty-six years after his first aerial exploits in 1986, seems to have taken some wrinkles of wisdom. He is still just as bent in his leather jacket, Ray-Ban and 100% white smile: a risk-all.

He approaches each day with enthusiasm, as if it were his first film.

Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: Maverick

The secret of Tom Cruise, without equivalent in the world cinema? An unstoppable form, an indestructible youthfulness. Joseph Kosinski, the director of Top Gun: Maverick, gives his vision of the renewed exploits of the American star soon to be in his sixties: “He approaches each day with enthusiasm, as if it were his first film. And at the same time, he acts as if it were his last. It’s a good attitude to have: never take anything for granted, give 110% every day, constantly push the team and yourself to achieve excellence. I’m amazed by this, that he still loves what he does and doesn’t slow down at all. It looks like it’s accelerating, which is pretty amazing.”

Tom Cruise back in Canes, on the first day of the Festival, this Wednesday, is a considerable event. His presence on the Croisette is rare: the American actor only made one appearance there, it was on May 18, 1992, for the presentation of the film distant horizons by Ron Howard, screened at the closing of the 45th Festival. The oldest, from the memory of festival-goers, remember that he also awarded the Palme d’Or to director Bille August for his film Best Intentions.

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Cannes film festival. Tom Cruise back on the Croisette, thirty years later