“Cannes Gaming Festival”: the new video game event – Strategies

Robin Leproux, ex-boss of PSG and co-founder of Espot Paris, called on Antoine De Tavernost, managing director of the event agency Auditoire, to carry out his project: create the first festival dedicated to the creative industries of video games. . The agency, which belongs to the Omnicom group, has already had the opportunity to work on various international projects around the tenth art and is already followed by a large community of gamers, an essential asset for the creation of the palme d’or du gaming in Cannes.

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Why did you create the Cannes Gaming Festival?

Antoine De Tavernost: We are enthusiasts. Robin has been playing for about thirty years, I am an alternative gamer but who has always had all the consoles at home, who has always played with his friends. The other reason is the growing interest of consumers, who tomorrow will be 70% gamers. Gaming is the most important cultural industry in the world, ahead of cinema and music.

Why did you choose Cannes as the venue for the event?

Robin Leproux: I had the idea for this Cannes Gaming Festival by discussing with the city of Cannes. It is used to having the most beautiful festivals internationally. It was obvious that it hosts the first video game festival in which we would reward all the creators and international artists of this tenth art.

ADT: Going to Cannes is celebrating gaming as a major cultural industry. It gives an attractiveness to the project and the certainty of having an international scope. Cannes has exceptional know-how in organizing festivals. It celebrates cinema, advertising with the Cannes Lions, and therefore has the hotel, set-up, organization, etc. capacities.

Precisely, what are your ambitions?

ADT: Make France the European gaming destination. Today, there are already events with high added value such as Paris Game Week, which will probably take place at the same time as us, but we have very different targets and reasons for being. By positioning this event in France, we are part of this global French strategy of making gaming an axis of strategic development.

LR: Today, all economic sectors are interested in gaming. Whether in the banking, automotive, textile or luxury sectors. Many companies have already activated major operations in the field of video games. For this festival, we also intend to go into the territory of the metaverse and NFTs, which are both strongly present in gaming. The video game is at the forefront of all the latest technologies. We must find this spirit in our festival.

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How will the festival unfold?

ADT: There will be several highlights. First, a cosplay parade on the Croisette, a bit like the Rio Carnival. Then, climbing the stairs. We want to revisit this prestigious moment by adding a few touches of modernity and digital. We are also working on augmented reality experiences. The ultimate highlight will of course be the ceremony itself where we will revisit the codes of the traditional award ceremony. We want it to be as powerful in the room as behind a screen, with an open and free live broadcast, as well as four international streamers who will be in the room and will commentate for their own community on the event in progress. There will also be interactive modules, like an avatarized emcee.

LR: Regarding the prizes that will be awarded, we want to remain artistically free. With a jury known and recognized in the world of gaming. Currently, a pre-selection committee is looking for the three or four independent artists, or on the contrary who belong to studios, in each category. Depending on the categories thought out, creativity will be rewarded. For example, we are going to look at communities. They sometimes have remarkable initiatives for the benefit of charitable events and you have to be able to reward them as well.

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“Cannes Gaming Festival”: the new video game event – Strategies