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Announced by Antoine de Tavernos (managing director of the event agency Auditoire) and Robin Leproux (former vice-president of the M6 ​​Group), the city of Cannes is going to organize its Video Game Festival for the next 5 years!! Called Cannes Gaming Festival, the event will be organized every year from 2023 and will see its first edition take place in October 2023. On the program, everything that makes the Cannes Festival so charming, climbing the steps, award ceremony, carpet rouge and prestigious guests, all gathered to celebrate video games.

A prestigious event to make France a major player in video games

Robin Leproux wants to make this event a ceremony worthy of the city of walking sticks and the video game industry, he explains in the Figaro :

We want to create the reference ceremony to celebrate the creators of video games, we want to be the Gold medal for Video Games. The ambition is to install this event over time and not seek short-term profitability.

We understand with this declaration all the ambition behind the project which aspires to become a major event of the video game landscape. Especially since the project enjoys the strength of the brand Cannes film festivalthe event will also take place within the Palace of Festivals. The first edition will focus on the award ceremony with around ten prizes planned. Then count on the traditional Best Game, Best Soundtrack… But why not to make the link with the cinema by offering prizes for the best-e actor-ice or best cinematographic adaptation…

A ceremony in honor of video games in substance and form

The organizers plan to honor video games through the various awards, but not only. A parade will be organized with hundreds of cosplayers. The event will be broadcast live on the Internet and commented on by various major French and international streamers. Also planned during the ceremony are various uses of augmented reality, for climbing stairs for example. Finally, we will find in the jury “leading international personalities”. We let you imagine who will be able to compose this first jury. For our part, we are thinking of Hideo Kojima, Yves Guillemot Where Neil Druckman.

The ceremony will also be able to count on a very attractive release lineup for 2023, including The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Starfield, Alan Wake 2, Final Fantasy XVI or street fighter 6. Enough to have a memorable first palme d’or for this new ceremony in honor of video games.

Starting with the second edition in 2024, the Cannes Gaming Festival will be spread over 5 days and will become an essential meeting point for the various players in the sector. In any case, we can’t wait to find out more about the first edition which will take place as a reminder in October 2023. On your side, what do you think? Who do you see as the jury for this first edition, who will be the first Palme d’Or in video games? Do not hesitate to let us know about GeekNPlay or on our social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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Cannes Gaming Festival – The Palme d’Or of video games is coming soon! – GeekNPlay