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This is an announcement that immediately made the rounds of the French and international media: the first edition of the Cannes Gaming Festival will take place on October 26, 2023 at the Palais des Festivals, with opening ceremony, climb of the steps, award ceremony, jury prestigious, festive evenings and large parade of 200 to 300 cosplayers. The birth certificate of a major video game festival.

The video game is going to have its Cannes Festival! Yesterday’s announcement of the first edition of the Cannes Gaming Festival on October 26, 2023 quickly made the rounds of the French and foreign media. Opening ceremony, climb of the steps, award ceremony, prestigious jury and festive evenings are on the program of this event which is inspired by the codes that ensure the success of the film festival.

A first 2023 edition focused on the award ceremony

The first edition next year will focus solely on awarding prizes to video game creators (best games, best scripts, best artistic direction, etc.). To accompany it and give it all its brilliance, a big festive parade is planned with 200 to 300 cosplayers (people dressed up as fictional characters), then an innovative climb of the steps including augmented reality. We are waiting to know more.

Behind this ad Robin Leprouxex-president of PSG, former manager of M6, co-founder of Espot in Paris, the largest physical “gaming” center in Europe, and Antoine de Tavernost, head of the Auditoire agency (Omnicom group). They carry a project that takes up and transposes the spirit of the Film Festival. As much in its spectacular and glamorous side, as in the quality of the jury. The latter will be international, provided by legitimate, known and passionate personalities to reward a “hybrid show”, both physical and digital, assured the co-organizers.

From 2024, a five-day event

Both won last spring the call for tenders launched by the city of Cannes, which wants to initiate new shows on the most topical themes of the day (WAICF, World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival already gave an example). The city is also co-owner of the brand. For a period of five years, the contract provides for an event over five days with various activities within the city.

Focused on the award ceremony, the first edition will be commented live on the Internet by four or five major streamers from several countries who will be present in the room. An audience of at least 20 million people is expected. From 2024, lasting one day, this video game festival will span five days. Always like its big brother in film, it will include meetings dedicated to professionals and a festival for the general public.

Will this new festival find its place? There are certainly already major events in this world of video games, a market that is more important today than cinema. The Game Awards were launched in 2014 in the United States and France has been organizing the Pégases since 2020. But for Antoine de Tavernost, the Pégases are more like the Césars. The Cannes Gaming Festival, shot on the Palme d’or of video games, will therefore not come in competition, but in complementarity.

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Cannes Gaming Festival: the video game will have its “Palme d’or” | WebtimeMedias