César 2022: favourites, nominations, distribution… Update on the ceremony

CAESAR. The César 2022 take place this Friday, February 25, 2022 live from the Olympia. Presented by Antoine de Caunes, the ceremony promises to put cinema at the heart of the evening.

[Mis à jour le 24 février 2022 à 9h11] During its previous edition, the Césars caused a lot of ink to flow, after a year marked by the closure of cinemas and the political happening of Corinne Masiero. The 2022 ceremony is therefore expected at the turn. This will take place this Friday, February 25, live from the Olympia. Viewers will be able to follow the evening in the clear on Canal+, while radio enthusiasts can turn to Europe 1.

After Marina Fois, Anthony of Caunes was chosen to host the César 2022. The comedian said it straight away, he does not want “another Masiero”. A few days before the French cinema award ceremony, the man who hosted the César nine times already promised on Europe 1 to “put cinema back at the heart of the system, that we talk about cinema, that we have pleasure to return to the rooms.” “I want a joyful evening, emotions and laughter,” he said a few days earlier in Le Figaro. With the JDD, Antoine De Caunes specified that he wanted an evening “as warm as possible”. This is the tenth time that Antoine de Caunes has donned the costume of loyal master of the Caesars, becoming the personality most in demand to animate the ceremony. AT his sides, the screenwriter and director Danielle Thompson will chair the 2022 evening.

Difficult to make predictions before the evening of the Caesars, the Academy often tending to thwart expectations. If we look at the number of nominations, lost illusions is the big favorite with 15 citations, and could offer his first reward to Benjamin Voisin. He is followed by Annette (11 nominations), Aline (10 nominations) and Tray North (7 nominations). We can imagine Annette won several prizes, such as directing, photography or original music by Leos Carax, whileAline can offer a reward to Valérie Lemercier. Titanium is also likely to win a few prizes, such as cinematography or direction, even if the last Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival was snubbed from the Best Picture category. Quoted 4 times The event, film on abortion in the 1960s, could however create a surprise since the film has already won the Golden Lion at the last Venice Film Festival. Social film on the crisis of the hospital and the yellow vests, The divide could also collect some prizes.

Tributes to Gaspard Ulliel and Jean-Paul Belmondo

Among the highlights of the César 2022, we will obviously count the in memoriam. A tribute will be paid to the personalities of French cinema who have passed away recently: this is the case of John Paul Belmondo and Gaspard Ulliel. Viewers of the ceremony, broadcast live and unencrypted on Canal + on Friday, can expect a strong emotional moment to salute the disappearance of these two actors appreciated by the public and the profession. Mentioning the tragic death of Gaspard ulliel, Antoine de Caunes revealed in the columns of Télé Cable Sat Hebdo that “we are simply going to dedicate the evening to him and make a beautiful opening extract” in a “sober and dignified way, in his image”. Among the other missing persons of the year who will be honored during the César 2022, we can also expect specific tributes to Bertrand Tavernier and Jean-Jacques Beneix.

The date of the César 2022 was made official by Canal + at the same time as the appointment of its master of ceremonies. Antoine de Caunes will present the evening on the channel, unencrypted and live, on Friday February 25, 2022 from 9 p.m. It will precede the Oscars ceremony, scheduled for March 27, by one month.

The Academy has unveiled the list of nominations for the 47th Cesar ceremony on January 26, 2022. In total, “Illusions perdus” dominates with 15 nominations and is the big favorite of the year 2022. He is followed by “Annette” (11 nominations), “Aline” (10 nominations) and “Bac Nord” (7 nominations). “Titanium”, Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, received “only” four nominations, and does not appear in the César list for best film. Below, discover the films in competition:

Cesar for Best Film

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • North ferry
  • The event
  • The divide
  • lost illusions
  • Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle

Cesar for Best Director

  • Valérie Lemercier for “Aline”
  • Leos Carax for “Annette”
  • Cedric Jimenez for “Bac Nord”
  • Audrey Diwan for “The Event”
  • Xavier Giannoli for “Lost Illusions”
  • Arthur Harari for “Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Jungle”
  • Julia Ducournau for “Titanium”

Cesar for Best Actress

  • Leïla Bekhti, “Les Intranquilles”
  • Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, “The Fracture”
  • Virginie Efira, “Benedetta”
  • Vicky Krieps, “Hold Me Tight”
  • Valerie Lemercier “Aline”

Cesar for best actor

  • Damien Bonnard, “The Intranquilles”
  • Adam Driver, “Annette”
  • Gilles Lellouche, “North Bac”
  • Vincent Macaigne, “Night doctor”
  • Benoît Magimel, “In his lifetime”
  • Pio Marmaï, “The Fracture”
  • Pierre Niney, “Black box”

César Award for Best Supporting Actress

  • Jeanne Balibar, “Lost Illusions”
  • Cécile de France, “Lost Illusions”
  • Aissatou Diallo Sagna, “The Fracture”
  • Adele Exarchopoulos, “Mandibles”
  • Danielle Fichaud, “Aline”

César Award for Best Supporting Actor

  • François Civil, “North Bac”
  • Xavier Dolan, “Lost Illusions”
  • Vincent Lacoste, “Lost Illusions”
  • Karim Leklou, “North Bac”
  • Sylvain Marcel, “Aline”

César Award for Best Female Hope

  • Noee Abita, “Slalom”
  • Salomé Dewaels, “Lost Illusions”
  • Agathe Rousselle, “Titanium”
  • Anamaria Vartolomei, “The Event”
  • Lucie Zhang, “The Olympiads”

César for the best male hope

  • Sandor Funtek, “Supreme”
  • Sami Outalbali, “A story of love and desire”
  • Timotée Robart, “The Magnetics”
  • Makita Samba, “The Olympiads”
  • Benjamin Voisin, “Lost Illusions”

César Award for Best Original Screenplay

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • Black Box
  • The divide
  • Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle

César Award for Best Adaptation

  • human things
  • The event
  • lost illusions
  • The Olympiads
  • Hug me tight

Caesar of the best costumes

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • Delicious
  • eiffel
  • lost illusions

Caesar of the best decorations

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • Delicious
  • eiffel
  • lost illusions

César Award for Best Cinematography

  • Annette
  • lost illusions
  • The Olympiads
  • Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle
  • Titanium

Cesar for Best Editing

  • Annette
  • North ferry
  • Black Box
  • The divide
  • lost illusions

César Award for Best Visual Effects

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • eiffel
  • Lost Illusions
  • Titanium

César for best sound

  • Aline
  • Annette
  • Black Box
  • lost illusions
  • Magnetic

César Award for Best Original Score

  • Annette
  • North ferry
  • Black Box
  • The Olympiads
  • The Snow Panther

Cesar for Best First Film

  • Gagarin
  • Magnetics
  • The Cloud
  • The Snow Panther
  • Slalom

César Award for Best Animated Film (Feature)

  • Even mice go to heaven
  • The Summit of the Gods
  • Crossing

César Award for Best Animated Short Film

  • Empty Places
  • Soft Madness, Hard Madness
  • The world itself
  • Precious

Cesar for best foreign film

  • “Compartment No. 6
  • Drive My Car
  • First Cow
  • Julie (in 12 chapters)
  • Tehran Law
  • Madres Paralelas
  • The Father

César for best short fiction film

  • The tender age
  • Departure
  • good people
  • The bad boys
  • Black Soldier

César Award for Best Documentary Short Film

  • America
  • Antelopes
  • The End of Kings
  • Maalbeek

Cesar for Best Documentary Film

  • Animal
  • Bigger Than Us
  • Stand up women
  • gallant indies
  • The Snow Panther

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Since 1976, the César du cinema ceremony has rewarded the best of the French seventh art. Prizes are awarded each year in Paris by the Académie des César, also called the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques. It was the sculptor César who made the trophy, which has the shape of compressions of metal objects. Each year, between February and March, the ceremony is often broadcast live and unencrypted on the Canal+ channel. Radio enthusiasts can also follow the ceremony on Europe 1 from the 2022 edition. Among the most awarded films in the history of the Césars are The Last Metro and Cyrano de Bergerac (ten awards each), A Prophet (9 awards), From beating my heart has stopped (8 awards). The next edition will take place on February 25, 2022.

We do not yet know the winners of the César 2022. During the last edition of the ceremony, Adieu les cons was crowned the big winner of the evening, having won seven statuettes, including the César for best film, best director and Best Supporting Actor for Nicolas Marié. Laure Calamy (Antoinette in the Cévennes) was named Best Actress while Sami Bouajila won the César for Best Actor for Un fils, the second César of his career. Emilie Dequenne also won the César for Best Supporting Actress for The Things We Say, The Things We Do, and the prizes for Best Hopes were awarded to Jean-Pascal Zadi (Just Black ) and Fathia Youssouf (Mignonnes). Adolescentes was also awarded three times. Below, the complete winners of the César 2021:

  • Best film : Goodbye idiots
  • Best Achievement: Albert Dupontel, Goodbye idiots
  • Best actor : Sami Bouajila, A son
  • Best Actress: Laure Calamy, Antoinette in the Cevennes
  • Best Supporting Actress: Emilie Dequenne, The things we say, the things we do
  • Best Supporting Actor: Nicolas Married, Goodbye idiots
  • Most promising Actress : Fathia Youssouf, Cuties
  • Best Male Hope: Jean-Pascal Zadi, Simply Black
  • Best Original Screenplay: Goodbye idiots
  • Best adaptation: The girl with the bracelet
  • Best costumes: The good wife
  • Best sets: Goodbye idiots
  • Best Cinematography: Goodbye idiots
  • Best editing: teenage girls
  • Best Sound: teenage girls
  • Best Original Score: The night came
  • Best first film: Of them
  • Best Animated Feature Film: Josep
  • Best Animated Short Film: bear time
  • Best foreign film: Drunk
  • Best short film: It doesn’t matter if the beasts die
  • Best Documentary: teenage girls
  • Cesar of high school students: Goodbye idiots
  • Honorary Caesar: Jean-Pierre Bacri (posthumous)
  • Caesar birthday: the troop of the Splendid

The Césars are traditionally broadcast on Canal ++, live and unencrypted. There is therefore no need to subscribe to Canal+ offers to enjoy the evening. Radio enthusiasts can choose Europe 1, partner of the 2022 ceremony, to follow the award ceremony live. If you want to watch the last Cesar ceremony in replay, know that it is available the day after its broadcast on MyCanal, and accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

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César 2022: favourites, nominations, distribution… Update on the ceremony