Claude Lelouch has found his “widow”: the filmmaker’s cash secrets, father of 7 children and 8 grandchildren

From the year 1966 during which his film A man and a woman toured the world and was crowned with the greatest prizes such as the Palme d’Or and the Oscar on November 14, 2022 at the Palais des Congrès where he will celebrate his 85th birthday during a cine-concert with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Claude Lelouch lived a route of child not necessarily spoiled, but always positive. Because despite all the hardships he has experienced during his life, the French director only wants to keep the best. Whether for his works, which make up the film of his life, or his private life, he who adores his family, his seven children and eight grandchildren and even for his end of life, which he considers with complete frankness. In Here ishe openly confided in his rich and intense existence.

Claude Lelouch has filmed the greatest, most of them are no longer on this earth – Belmondo, Hallyday, Girardot to name just them and her -, but if it is painful, the filmmaker wants above all to give them back tribute with his big November show, in the form of an original soundtrack of his life. His death, the octogenarian artist is preparing for it, not wishing to become a burden that “drools” for his family. He explains without taboo considering euthanasia, a delicate subject that he defends like his friend Line Renaud: “it helps everyone.

Not without provocation, and paraphrasing the words of the playwright Guitry, he reveals to have found “his widow“, the novelist and screenwriter Valerie Perrin (55 years old) with whom he has lived for sixteen years: “Sacha Guitry said that the most important thing is to find his last wife. I found it. All those who have shared my life have left traces that have made me grow, there is not a love story that I regret. And as I kept good relations with each one, it seems to me that the positive prevailed over all the rest.

What grandfather is he?

For the time being, he benefits from his clan and in particular from the last generation for which he is a better grandfather than he was a father: “I have all ages around me, from 1 to 24 years old, I can do the Children’s Fair all by myself! (Laughs) With my grandchildren, I have all the advantages, without the disadvantages I laugh a lot with them, I only make them do bullshit, I teach them all the dirty words in the world… I love little thugs, crooks!“And so much the worse for the mothers who are not always delighted with this grandpa”stupidity“: “Yes, well, we fight a little… But that’s how it is, I hate kids who are too well brought up. My grandchildren, I don’t want to lecture them, and when they have bad grades at school, I’m happy for them, it means they’re on the right track!

Claude Lelouch is the father of seven children : Simon, born in 1969 from his marriage to Christine Cochet; Sarah (1976), with model Gunilla Friden; Salomé (1983) whose mother is actress Évelyne Bouix; Shaya, Sabaya and Sachka, fruits of his love with Marie-Sophie L. between 1985 and 1992; and finally Stella (1998), born of his marriage to Alessandra Martines. An offspring that has given him, for the moment, eight grandchildren.

Regarding love, Claude Lelouch wants to be frank with his grandchildren. To the older ones, he shows his films and in case of heartache, he will know how to put them into perspective: “Me, I don’t tell them a story, I tell them: ‘We are faithful until we find better !’ (Laughs) Walt Disney and his prince charmings have done so much harm to love! To live is necessarily to vibrate?“Excellent Lelouchi advice!

Find the full interview in the magazine Here is from November 10, 2022

“From one film to another”, symphonic show by Claude Lelouch at the Palais des Congrès on November 14, 2022

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Claude Lelouch has found his “widow”: the filmmaker’s cash secrets, father of 7 children and 8 grandchildren