Claude Lelouch reveals his feelings for his wife in TPMP, loyalty is not his forte!

A key figure in French cinema for more than fifty years, the latter spoke in particular about the notion of loyalty on the set of the C8 channel program. His approach to the subject has surprised more than one.

Claude Lelouch exposes his conception of love and loyalty on the set of TPMP

On the occasion of this media release, the now 84-year-old man did not fail to answer certain personal questions asked by Cyril Hanouna and his group of columnists. This is how he was interpellated in particular by Matthieu Delormeau who asked him: “You don’t believe in fidelity? » in reference to his way of approaching each time in his films « multiple loves ».

Faced with such a curious question, Claude Lelouch nevertheless did not fail to demonstrate honesty in giving his perception of love and its corollary instituted by human society, which is loyalty. He expressed himself in these terms: “Love is like a drug. So we can be entitled to several stories, but each time, we have to take a little more. There is no going back”.

Subsequently, he even pushed his logic a little further by saying: “That’s why you have the right to make love all your life. You have the right to love stories all your life”. A design of his own of loving fidelity which certainly did not leave viewers indifferent.
However, he also affirmed at the same time all the love he had for his current partner Valérie Perrin.

A conception of love and fidelity that is reflected in all of his existence

When we look closely at the personal life of Claude Lelouch, we realize that he had to know many love stories.

The one who won the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1966 for the film a man and a woman has married three times in the past. These include Christine Cochet in 1967, Marie-Sophie Pochat in 1986 and Alessandra Martines in 1995.

He will also have been the companion of Anne Girardot and Évelyne Bouix thereafter before being in a relationship since 2006 with the screenwriter and novelist Valérie Perrin. In the confidences made by Claude Lelouch to the journalist Catherine Ceylac in the book À l’amour, à la vie, released in 2919, we even learn that he asked that he not be forbidden to see other people ” wives” in his previous marriages.

Claude Lelouch releases a new film based on a love story like no other

Entitled love is better than life, this production is the 50th film in the career of the man who also had the honor of winning two Oscars during his immense career.
In essence, the film tells the story of a man suffering from an incurable pathology and for whom the two best friends seek to offer an ultimate amorous passion.

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Claude Lelouch reveals his feelings for his wife in TPMP, loyalty is not his forte!