Contents of Premiere n°533: Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Mann, Without filter, Andréa Bescond, Louis Garrel, Le Petit Nicolas…

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black adam is on the cover of the new First. Within the special file devoted to the blockbuster worn by Dwayne Johnsonwe return of course on the manufacture of this “super movie” post-Justice Leaguebut also on the situation of Warner Bros, whose new boss David Zaslav made several controversial decisions this summer (notably the one to cancel Batgirland defer most of his cinema releases in 2023). First also offers you great encounters: with Ruben Ostlundthe director of Without filterthe big winner of the last Palme d’Or, with Louis Garrelwho signs The Innocentworn by Anouk Grinberg, Noémie Merlant and himself, as well as with Michael Mannthe director of Heat returning with a double topicality: the sequel to his cult thriller in novel and tokyo vice on Canal+.
The editorial staff also considered Novemberthe new film by Cedric Jimenez (La French, Bac Nord), which traces the daily life of the Paris anti-terrorist brigade just after the 2015 attacks, as well as the new animated adaptation of Little Nicholas, in which Alain Chabat and Laurent Lafitte double the artists Jean-Jacques Sempé and René Goscinny. A portrait of Jerzy Skolimowskiwhose last film EOfollowing an unfortunate donkey in contact with men, marked the last Cannes Film Festival, and a look back at the making of the cult horror film Poltergeistcomplete this busy summary.


On the critical side, in addition to the films and series mentioned above, the event works of the month of October are entitled Chicken Fries, The Sixth Child, The Origin of Evil, Tori and Lokita, Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde, Hallelujah: the words of Leonard Cohen, NMR…. without forgetting Blonde hair Where The Greatest Beer Run Everstreamed, or series The Old Manwith Jeff Bridges or a return to the excellent sixth season of Better Call Saul. Finally, it’s Andrea Bescondthe creator of Ticklingrecently in the jury of the Revelation of the 48th Deauville festival, which lends itself to the game of “movie that…”.

First No. 533 arrives on newsstands this Wednesday, September 28.

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Contents of Premiere n°533

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Game over

Take the count: there are not many filmmakers who have embodied more than an era or an industry, their entire art. We could cite Welles, Fellini, at a pinch Lynch… But above them, the specter of Godard will always hover. Because no one will have held for so long, and for so many people, the imperial role of the filmmaker. That he was one of the craziest creators of cinema, in all respects – legendary, innovative, mythological, and even joker – and that he was to this extent never ceases to amaze. In fact, he had tried everything, checked everything: fiction and militant cinema (the period Dziga Vertov), clips such as documentaries (Concrete Operation), advertising and trials (History(ies) of cinema). With this ultimate paradox as a horizon line: a great builder of forms, JLG only considered his creative gesture as an act of deconstruction and radical criticism. Its disappearance (learned on the very day we closed this issue) does not only mark the end of an art of making, of a technique, of a mastery or of a thought. With Godard’s death, an idea of ​​cinema (and perhaps the very idea of ​​cinema) comes to an end.
Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief

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Contents of Premiere n°533: Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Mann, Without filter, Andréa Bescond, Louis Garrel, Le Petit Nicolas…