Damso, Laylow, SCH: which French-speaking rapper has the most style on Instagram?

We can tell you that there was food and drink. We saw super well-dressed rappers (like Damso and his puffer pants) and others much, much, much less stylish. We are not going to name names because here, we are for peace and above all for everyone’s freedom to dress like a troubadour in need of inspiration. But it gave us the idea to make our ranking (purely subjective) of French-speaking rappers and rappers who send the most on Insta.

Why Instagram? This is not a sponsored article but we sincerely believe that this platform remains the place where we make the most effort to appear in our best light. Even more when our work is based, in part or totally, on our image. So if you find that an artist, singer, influencer… is badly dressed on Insta, it is quite possible that you will keep this opinion when you meet him in real life.

But here, we don’t like to criticize too much (at least, in the public square), so we’re only going to talk about artists who we find too stylish. Lots of rappers and rappers deserved to be in the list, but they are too mysterious on Insta and do not post enough photos. In any case, big big up to Damso, Hamza, Alpha Wann, Lala &ce, Laylow, Ateyaba, Davinhor Pacman…

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#1. Shay, the darling of girls and all people who have a minimum of taste and decency

She tells us all the time that she’s not just here to look pretty and she’s not an Instagram model. But if one day she changes her mind, all the models will welcome her with open arms because you don’t have a sexier attitude than Shay. She knows her poses, her profile, knows how to enhance any outfit and plays the game of falsely antisexy better than anyone. Our favorite looks from her Insta?

This version of Snow White: The Scary Little Princess has taken the lead! She killed the witch, fended off the hunter, and ripped off the seven dwarves (because they’re clearly weird). There, she is on her way to repossess her father’s castle. His first law? Equal pay of course.

Wet hair, smoky eyes, platform seven-league boots, half-armor half-nightie dress, pointy nails and a luxury mini shoulder bag… If, with this outfit, you don’t get the life you want, it’s because you didn’t ask loudly enough.

#2. S.Pri Noir, the rapper who never let go durag and who was right

S.Pri Noir is so stylish that we decided to make it a format. No, we’re not ashamed of this aggressive self-promo because the bugger is worth it. For us, he could have been a rapper as well as a model. We are not the only ones to think so since many brands have made him their muse, from Adidas to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. If we were forced to define its style, it would seem that it is a creamy mixture between high-end (shout out to his love for Bottega Veneta leather) and sportswear. In our very humble opinion, the following photo is one of his best. We validate the fluid beige on the ebony complexion, the silver jewelry from Senegal and of course, its eternal durag.

#3. Gazo, the king of mala is stylish

“I’m not Dion but I dress as Céline! Celine. Celine. Celine”. And we understand why the brand of Céline Vipiana did not hesitate to dress the rapper for many occasions and concerts, because we can say that he has flow and that he knows how to fill a designer shirt. Besides, let it be said: Gazo is not discreet or sober. He likes anything that shines (especially if it’s VVS diamond) and anything that catches the eye. Fortunately for him, he is perfectly in the new trend which wants that the conspicuous logos are no more has-been. So this full Gucci look with a Louis V sweater is daring, but come on, we dare. Too much is better than not enough!

#4. Medina, the Yoda master of rap and music

Many French-speaking rappers are dads, but Médine is a dad who is really dad. In daddy style, it’s even a dad hen! As we told you and unlike the artists US, very few French rappers display their family, partner or children on their networks. But the children of Medina are an integral part of their Instagram identity. It was very easy for us to award him the Palme d’Or for the most charismatic and stylish father in the game.

What do we like about Medina? His very neat beard, his always up-to-date gradient and his loose clothes. That khaki kimono there? It goes straight to our Christmas gift list.

#5. SCH, the most stylish guy in the A7

This list is not a top but if it had been one, SCH would undoubtedly have occupied the first place. We have to admit, he doesn’t have many photos on Instagram. But that’s enough to prove to us that it is as versatile as it is stylish. We are dazzled. Just starting with her low bun with legendary center parting. A hair style that we often do for an evening where we have to be we point but where we know full well that it will be hot so we don’t want to take the risk of blowing up our brushing under the humidity. The fact that SCH approaches daily a hairstyle of bad bitch tells us that he is not afraid of anything. That alone is sexy.

Do you remember when you were told that you needed a grandpa’s coat this winter ? Just watch SCH and you’ll know why.

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Damso, Laylow, SCH: which French-speaking rapper has the most style on Instagram?