“Disabled people continue to suffer martyrdom despite their efforts”

As part of the International Day of People with Disabilities, Abdel Rahman Ouorou Barè, president of the Creuset d’Orientation et d’Integration des People with Disabilities, assesses the situation of people living with disabilities in Benin. And according to him, these people still do not have a significant improvement in their situation. Read instead!

The Precise Event: December 03, 2021 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Tell us, as president of an organization that works for the Orientation and Integration of People with Disabilities, what can be learned from the situation of these people in Benin?

Abdel Rahman OUOROU BARE : First of all, I would like to give thanks to God because nothing is done without his agreement. I would like to have a positive thought for all the disabled people who have come before us in the hope of a better tomorrow. God in his mercy Does what He wants. If they hear us, I would like to reassure them that we are continuing our daily fight to enhance the situation of the disabled person in Benin. You know it’s not easy for Beninese nowadays and it’s even harder for disabled people who, despite their efforts, continue to suffer martyrdom.

Mr President, at each edition of this day, your collaborative crucible organizes a social inclusion concert to celebrate and value the disabled person. Will this concert hold this year?

Unfortunately this concert will not take place for reasons that you are sure to know. COVID 19 is trying to impose its world order. But our determination not to let go is unwavering. Instead of said concert, our main partner (German Embassy) and we had thought of making a gesture and supporting organizations of people with disabilities and their members to fight effectively against this pandemic.
You know, because of their dependence on their companion, the disabled person in this pandemic period is more vulnerable. For certain types of disability, in particular motor impairment, hand washing devices are not suitable. In addition, the chloroquine formerly 500f rose to 1400f the platelet mortgaging suddenly the situation of disabled people which was already very precarious.
One of the effective solutions against this disease remains strict compliance with barrier gestures. This is what the German Embassy understood by helping us to give both hand washing devices, disinfectant gel and mufflers, to 18 associations of disabled people throughout the national territory. .

Besides the German Embassy, ​​do you have other partners who help you in your actions?
Yes. But the palme d’or goes to the German Ambassador to Benin, whom I would first like to sincerely thank. You know this embassy is really very sensitive to the situation of people with disabilities. I would like to be grateful to the Ambassador for having accepted accompanying this project as a replacement for the concert which took place at his residence every December 3.
Once again, on December 3, this embassy is in the spotlight in supporting people with disabilities that we are. You know the SDGs aim to leave no one behind. And this the German Embassy has understood. It is quite simply to his credit.

What would you say to conclude this interview?
I would first like to remind people with disabilities that the fight for social participation is a long-term fight and that for habits and paradigms to change we must, as one man, stand up to defend our rights without forgetting our duties. .
To the Head of State, I would like to say that we are counting a lot on him to restore our image so that our social inclusion becomes a reality. We know how to count on him to issue the implementing decrees for Law No. 2017-06 of September 29, 2017 on the protection and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities in Benin. We can be reached at: coiphb2009@gmail.com and 00229 97 283 297

Interview conducted by Anselme HOUENOUKPO

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“Disabled people continue to suffer martyrdom despite their efforts”