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A cast that deserves an Oscar

The script of Don’t Look Up is full of subtle messages about today’s world. Adam McKay’s film has been warmly received by critics, both positive and negative. To carry his work, the director of The Big Shot relied on a five-star cast.

On the poster, we find Leonardo DiCaprio in the skin of doctor Randall Mindy. While keeping an imperturbable seriousness, the actor knows how to balance his game and make it dynamic. We do not get bored of his character, welcomes some critics.

Regarding his female acolytes, the popular actresses are numerous. If Jennifer Lawrence is excellent, however, the gold medal goes to Meryl Streep. The humor and the explosive and crazy side of the latter convinced the public. The glamorous side that Cate Blanchett exudes in her role did not escape applause either.

Some, however, considered the cast to be “a bit too much”. For example, many people do not understand the presence of Timothée Chalamet. According to them, we could probably do without his character.

Strong and powerful messages

In the film, the two heroes try to warn the world of the danger that threatens them, unfortunately in vain. Through this scenario, Adam McKay conveys messages to today’s society. The collusion between politics and capitalism is very much reflected in their adventure. The film highlights the lack of importance that the government gives to scientific truths.

Besides, the media and social networks do not escape the viewfinder either. Adam criticizes these which can become poisonous. The mass manipulation carried out by the traditional media is also singled out. Leonardo DiCaprio describes Don’t Look Up as “an analogy of our modern culture”. A culture that is heavily manipulated and sliced.

Despite the very serious subject he tackles, humor is there to lighten it all up. Don’t Look Up remains a good film to watch between two sessions of casino games in line.

A successful start despite criticism

When Don’t Look Up came out, the public was there. In one week, it logged up to 152,290,000 hours of viewing on Netflix. With such an impressive start, he breaks records. Its closest competitor in the same period is The Unforgivable, directed by Sandra Bullock. This records nearly 21,310,000 hours of viewing. Adam McKay is left speechless by the success of his latest film.

However, the statistics do not tell everything about this film. One would think that Don’t Look Up is beyond reproach given its performances on screen and the records it makes. However, it is far from being the best film of the year according to several critics. This is reflected in the scores it has received on different platforms.

For example, on the Rotten Tomatoes site, it only achieves a score of 54%. Even if this rating is only the result of 293 reviews, it is not necessarily insignificant. On ComicBook, it’s listed as Leonardo DiCaprio’s first failed film since his role in The Great Gatsby. For David Fear of the Rolling Stones, this work remains well without transcending the emotions.

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Don’t Look Up: the film satirizes the modern world | LeMagduCine