Don’t touch my Pulga

Legitimate or not, the criticisms received by The Pulga in France after the match against Real Madrid caused a strong reaction in Argentina. Media and former players flew to the rescue of the captain of the selection.

Some will say that it is next to nothing. Just a three actually. As the rating given by the newspaper The Team to Lionel Messi after the Champions League round of 16 first leg against Real Madrid. This small figure of nothing at all, swung this Wednesday on page three of the duck, nevertheless ignited Argentina throughout the day yesterday. At the limit of the diplomatic incident. “L’Équipe’s ridiculous note to Messi! » was indignant the Argentine sports daily Ole in one of his site at the end of the afternoon. That same morning in its columns, the newspaper explained that it had seen “a good game” of The Pulga justifying a rating of 5.5. “They think Messi has to make a difference in every game and when he doesn’t they punish him. How can he be rated less well than Benzema who did not touch a match ball? » , wondered the anonymous writer. By discovering that The Parisian did not rate much better (3.5) the captain of Albicelestethe television channel TyC Sports wondered squarely: “Is there a media campaign against Messi in France? » .
A journalist from the French sports daily was even invited to come and explain himself live. He was actually in the dock. The debate occupied the antenna for a good part of the day. “Many are waiting to see Leo up there every time. I think it was good” , said for his part the 1986 world champion, Oscar Ruggieri on ESPN. Before swinging a mysterious: “Something’s going on over there” . Implied a great French conspiracy against the child of Omar Da Fonseca.

“It’s like, only now, we’ve finally fully accepted him as our child prodigy. » Eduardo Sacheri, writer

Immunity Totem

Since the disappearance of Diego Maradona and especially Argentina’s victory in the Copa América this summer, it must be understood that Lionel Messi has become the untouchable national hero in his country. Forgotten the criticisms, sometimes violent, towards the one who had lost four finals with his selection. The one who led Albiceleste by leading towards a title awaited since 1993 has in a certain way “paid his debt” Argentine writer and football fanatic Eduardo Sacheri explained to us a few months ago: “It’s like, only now, we’ve finally fully accepted him as our child prodigy” . On top of that, the Argentinians are delighted to now have the right role. Before, they were annoyed to see their number 10 smiling and winning everything with Barcelona while they saw him losing and crying with their selection. From now on, it is in Paris that they see him head down. At home, they now celebrate seeing him land with the banana permanently. The important thing is the World Cup. It is therefore necessary to protect it until its last dance. And above all, do not repeat the mistakes of the past by being too hard on the native of Rosario.

Until now, the lackluster performance of number 30 with PSG has been observed without being criticized in the Argentine press. It is the fault of the lack of preparation, the problem of adaptation, Pochettino or his recent Covid, we often read. Difficult in reality to really talk about the level of the attacker without triggering a hysterical debate. A symptomatic example: after the match against Real Madrid, when a columnist, with a thousand tweezers, dares to say on ESPN that “Mbappé is doing what Messi did before with Barcelona” implying that at age 34, The Pulga was now going to have a different role, the star presenter of the channel Sébastian Vignolo cut the debate clean, out of his mind: “For me, Messi played a very good game! The best player of the game and the heir is Mbappé. But the best player in the world is still Messi. It annoys me ! I won’t work with someone who doesn’t like how Messi plays! If there is an anti-Messi, I get up and leave” . He finally stayed.

“Before Messi, I thought PSG was a place where we sold fruit after Roland-Garros. You don’t deserve to have Messi. » Alejandro Fantino, TV agitator

The Kun vs France

Now a compulsive streamer since his health problems forced him to put an end to his career, Sergio Agüero also flew to the aid of his lifelong friend on Wednesday evening. “Leo smashed everything in this game. I’m not saying that because he’s my friend! He was very good and very active” . Necessarily objective, the Kun also really wanted to express himself on the “3 de L’Équipe-gate” from his gamer seat: “The French, the newspapers, the magazines, killed him. They are morons! I had an interview scheduled with a French magazine. I told them : “I’m not going to do it in support of Lio Messi!”. That’s all. Now I’m pissed” . And again, he did not hear Jérôme Rothen wondering if PSG had hired the seven-time Ballon d’Or or his brother…

In the midst of all this shit-storm against the tricolor press on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the golden palm of indignity is to be awarded to Alejandro Fantino, host-star of sports programs and political debates in Argentina, convinced of having sent punchline on punchline to express the substance of his thoughts and orient public opinion against the Parisian club: “French journalism, rather dedicate yourself to philosophy because you have two cucumbers in your eyes when you watch football. Before Messi, I thought that PSG was a place where we sold fruit after Roland-Garros. You don’t deserve to have Messi. You are colder than a seal’s chest. You can be champions of Europe but will never have a soul in 123 lives. When the emir will want to bet on the puck league on Mars, you will worry! Before Messi, we looked at the French league to see if you paid tribute to Descartes” . We said: not René.

By Georges Quirino-Chaves in Buenos Aires

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Don’t touch my Pulga