E. Macron, nuclear ally … and gas in Europe

Welcome to the wonderful world of greenwashing in which Emmanuel Macron once again collects the Palme d’Or. And this time… in Europe.

While the contours of a European taxonomy aiming to define “green” energies which will allow the achievement of carbon neutrality, Emmanuel Macron is playing a double game that is harmful to the climate.

European taxonomy: what are we talking about?

The European taxonomy aims to classify sustainable economic activities and make them eligible for new green investments. This will help orient investors towards projects favorable to the energy transition with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

In this context, the European Union must list energies which she considers as “Green”, that is to say low carbon and environmentally friendly.

So far theEuropean Union has decided not to include nuclear in green energies. A decision that has the gift of greatly annoying President E. Macron.

France, ally of fossil gas and nuclear power to achieve its goals

Emmanuel Macron, very unhappy that nuclear power is not included in green energies, and while he boasts of wanting to make Europe “the climate champion”, is carrying out lobbying action that is very harmful for the climate. by forging a strategic agreement with pro-gas countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.).

In exchange for the support of these countries for nuclear energy, France explicitly accepts the inclusion of fossil gas as green energy in Europe. No, you’re not dreaming. Recall that the fossil gas is one of the most greenhouse gases emitting energies… And that the nuclear is not, far from it, a solution for the climate or clean energy.

Including fossil gas and nuclear power in European taxonomy is nonsense for the climate. Once again, the president reveals his true face and his permanent greenwashing on climate issues.

The European Union must not give in to pressure from France

If Emmanuel Macron is ready to do anything to achieve his ends, even the most toxic alliances for the climate, all is not over. The European Commission can still stand in the way.

This is why, this Tuesday, December 14, ATTAC, ANV-COP21, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace are leading a mobilization action in front of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to denounce this unacceptable greenwashing and ask the European Commission not to give in.

How to act?

You too can take action to put pressure on the European Commission, in particular on Twitter :

  1. Identify @EmmanuelMacron to denounce his toxic alliance and identify @vonderleyen (Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission) to ask him not to bow to pressure from France.
  2. Use the hashtag #StopFakeGreen and #EUtaxonomy
  3. Examples of tweet:President @EmmanuelMacron is ready to do anything to support #nuclear including accepting #fossil gas ⛽️☢️ in green energies of #EUtaxonomy. @vonderleyen don’t be fooled, we are against it !! #StopFakeGreenWe ask @vonderleyen not to give in to @EmmanuelMacron who asks to include fossil gas and nuclear power ⛽️☢️ in the # EUtaxonomy… Two energies that are particularly harmful to the environment. # StopFakeGreen😠Greenwashing alert! 🚨 @vonderleyen, @olafscholz, nuclear and fossil gas ⛽️☢️ will not save the climate, quite the opposite! Resist @ EmmanuelMacron’s pressure #StopFakeGreen

The most impactful is to challenge on Twitter because this can have a strong influence at European level. However, if you don’t have a Twitter account, there are other ways to act :

Example comment:

Are you not ashamed of wanting to include fossil gas and nuclear power in European taxonomy? Stop talking, make way for action! We don’t want these climate-damaging energies in European taxonomy.

  • Share the link to this page as many people as possible around you!

European mobilization

All over Europe, citizens·They are standing up to pressure their own government to do not bow to the toxic pressure of France. L’Austria has already made it known that it will challenge the taxonomy in court if atomic energy is included. The Luxembourg Parliament also unanimously adopted a resolution asking the Luxembourg government to join the Austrian government in legal actions if nuclear is included in the taxonomy.

We all have the means to increase the pressure on the political leaders who endanger the European energy transition. We count on you !

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E. Macron, nuclear ally … and gas in Europe