Election in Brazil, Techno Parade… Here are the 5 news you will hear about tomorrow

6:33 p.m., September 23, 2022

1 – In Brazil, Bolsonaro and Lula clash in a televised debate

Jair Bolsonaro, Lula and the four other candidates for the presidential election in Brazil face off on Saturday in a new televised debate, in São Paulo, eight days before the October 2 election. For the moment, the former head of state Lula (Workers’ Party, left), widens the gap in the polls against Bolsonaro, the far-right outgoing: according to a study published Thursday, he is 12 to 14 points ahead. In recent days, he has received support from several figures ranging from left to center right.

In the previous televised debate, on August 28, neither came out a winner. Conversely, the small candidates, including the centrist senator Simone Tebet, had scored points by tackling Bolsonaro for his record and his management of the pandemic, and Lula for the corruption scandals in which he and his party were involved.
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2 – Olaf Scholz visits the Gulf to find new hydrocarbon suppliers

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrives in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for a two-day visit to the Gulf. Berlin is in a race against time to find new hydrocarbon and gas suppliers before winter, to deal with the energy crisis. And it doesn’t matter that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, was designated by the United States as the sponsor of the assassination of the opponent Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Olaf Scholz will meet him, to discuss among other things the relations with Iran. The Chancellor will be accompanied by a delegation of senior business representatives to attempt to sign contracts during these two days which will take them, in addition to Saudi Arabia, to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

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3 – Mélenchon guest of the new program “What time! “, in the middle of the Quatennens affair

Jean-Luc Mélenchon on September 10 at the Fête de l’Humanité.

(Gabrielle Cezard/Sipa)

The words spoken will be scrutinized in the ranks of La France insoumise as well as outside. Criticized for his reaction to the Quatennens affair, Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be one of the guests of What an era!the new France 2 talk show, aired Saturday night. After LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens admitted domestic violence, the Insoumis leader first greeted his ” courage ” and his ” dignity “, before recalling later that“a slap is unacceptable in any case”. In front of journalists on Thursday, he remained straight in his boots, saying ” weigh [ses] words all the time.

Presented by Léa Salamé, supported by ghost Christophe Dechavanne, the show will be taped on Friday evening and aired on Saturday from 11:10 p.m. Other guests will include drag queen Nicky Doll, journalist Laurence Ferrari, actor and director Jean-Paul Rouve and father Matthieu, a young TikTok star priest.

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4 – Which French film at the Oscars?

It’s Friday evening or Saturday morning that we will know the film that will represent France for the international feature film Oscar next March in Los Angeles. Since this morning, producers, international sellers or American distributors of five candidates are auditioned by the selection committee meeting at the Center National du Cinéma: Full time by Eric Gravel, The worst by Lise Asoka and Romane Gueret (in theaters November 30), See Paris again by Alice Winocour Saint Omer by Alice Diop (November 23, Golden Lion at the last Venice Film Festival), A nice morning by Mia Hansen-Love (October 5). That is four films directed by women and another built around a strong female character…

After the foreseeable failure of the iconoclast TitaniumPalme d’Or at Cannes but rejected in the first round of the American ballot, the commission is looking for the most unifying candidate (See Paris again ?) or able to respond to the desire for diversity Oscars (Saint Omer ?).

5 – The Techno Parade parades again in Paris

Will the rain spoil the great return of the Techno Parade? After a cancellation linked to Covid-19 in 2020 and an edition confined to a single stage last year, this festive and protesting showcase of electronic music returns to its usual format.

Saturday from noon, the floats will parade through the streets of Paris, from Place Denfert-Rochereau to Nation, along a route of more than 6 kilometers. Participants will be able to dance to the sounds of The Avener, Bakermat, Feder or the guest of honor, the Ukrainian DJ Xenia. In 2019, 200,000 people moved.

We are delighted: the capercaillie, which has become an endangered species, is now better protected

A male capercaillie on parade, Austria.

A male capercaillie on parade, Austria.

(Nudebraut/CC BY-SA 3.0)

A ban on hunting the capercaillie, this wild capercaillie, has been published last Saturday at Official newspaper, three months after the injunction of the Council of State to put an end to this practice. A decision taken for five years, a period which may be shortened or lengthened depending on the evolution of the local capercaillie populations, considered “vulnerable” on the Red List of Threatened Species.

This is the end of a long legal battle carried out by several associations, including France Nature Environnement. The latter succeeded, over the past decade, in obtaining a ban on hunting before several administrative courts, but the prefectures reauthorized it each time. Gradually, many of them came around to the court’s opinion, but hunting remained permitted in the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Ariège.

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Election in Brazil, Techno Parade… Here are the 5 news you will hear about tomorrow