Ethnic online grocery boom: an ever-growing market

Ethnic online grocery boom: an ever-growing market

Migratory exchanges, trade as well as the weight of certain diasporas have their say in the expansion of online grocery stores. These have indeed been specialized for a long time. They market everyday consumer products for their followers and citizens. However, this culinary phenomenon on the web goes beyond cultural borders.

Indeed, multiculturalism and the desire to know gastronomies from elsewhere are also the engine of this economy. Besides, we certainly don’t see it that way. But it also affects French gastronomy in its identity.

Indeed, is not foie gras an export product sold in delicatessens and online grocery stores? Suddenly, it is no longer necessary to do street marketing to promote products from elsewhere to someone.

To understand the extent of this phenomenon, we offer you an overview of the most popular online grocery stores by consumers.

The success of La Dolce Vita online: rush for one of the best gastronomy in the world

Culinary tourism in Italy is something; each city has its own specialties and identity. Reproducing this culinary ideal identically is almost impossible without incorporating the authentic products of Italian cuisine. It is therefore not Panzani and its entirely French concept that will be placed on the same equal footing.

If you have tasted the traditional antipasti, Florentine pesto or unparalleled cheeses equal. It is in the heart of an Italian online grocery store that you will end your shopping.

The demand is such that there are dozens of them on the net. So it’s up to you to play.

The unmistakable Japanese online grocery store: the most requested on the Web

As I speak to you, the Japanese online grocery store is the one that wins the gold palm. In France, this can not be explained by Japanese immigration. On the contrary, we are the franchouillards who rob these dematerialized online spaces with clicks and validated baskets.

The decade-long democratization of sushi and other Japanese culinary specialties has seen a remarkable rise. So, instead of wasting a blind at the restaurant, we offer the best ingredients directly online:

  • Wasabi sauce
  • Special rice
  • Konjac
  • Mochi
  • Algae.

To date, more than 3000 products are available at the heart of the reference sites.

Good to know: the Korean online grocery store is in fact the second most popular on the net.

Online Bosphorus Ride: Focus on Turkish Products

The Turkish online grocery store is also a victim of its success just like its Greek rival. While Internet users come to seek out the heart of Ottoman food. The weight of the diaspora in France should not be neglected, as is the discovery effect which many consumers are delighted with.

Among the lightning ingredients available online, we find the following nuggets:

  • Turkish delights for weddings and parties
  • Suçuk (Turkish dry sausage)
  • Turkish Feta at the base of traditional dishes
  • Coral lentils for split pea soup …
  • Vine leaves.

The inventory is impressive, so we’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself.

Moroccan online grocery store: culinary discovery and the weight of immigration in France

In Morocco, everyone consumes La Vache qui Rit and the main French food brands. However, tradition and tagine cooking is never far away. 5e The most awarded gastronomy in the world, culinary products sometimes require a lot of effort to prepare. Some moms now prefer to order traditional products online to save time.

This is particularly the case with sweet pastries such as gazelle horns or chebekia sold in a box.

However, the culinary products are much larger, you can find among others:

  • Candied lemon
  • A myriad of spices such as saffron, cumin, turmeric …
  • the Moroccan sfouf
  • Barley or chickpea flour
  • Date paste …

Latin online grocery store: the antipodes of the Old El Paso fajita

It is a bit derogatory to say to Poncho Villa: “we eat Mexican tonight”. Then pull out a vulgar Old El Paso box. It’s much the same effect as eating canned beef bourguignon. Indeed, the Masabrosa, real and authentic corn flour is used to make many local dishes.

We think of “arepas” or “tamales”. So at the heart of a continental online grocery store, all the flags are obviously represented. You will therefore find a long list of ingredients also available in grocery stores around the world. Bets these figure an innumerable choice like:

  • Argentinian dulce de Leche
  • Ecuadorian plantain chips.
  • Panela, famous Colombian cane sugar
  • Mexican corn leaves and peppers
  • Peruvian Inka Cola …
  • Brazilian Guarana Antartica.

Hiding it on the web: what about the orthodox vision

Of course, it is necessary for all cultures. And Judaism is no exception. By following the precepts of their religion, the Jews also imagined a system governed by their religious rules and precepts. Borekas are therefore the order of the day. Then it is especially meats that are in the spotlight as well as flour-based products designed without yeast.

The USA also have their own e-commerce store

Here, we will content ourselves with citing the reference site myamericanmarket. This Toulouse-based company was founded by a former French expatriate in the USA who created her own brand. This online site brings together today all the must have in the aisle of candy and American consumer products. In addition to peanut butter or maple syrup cookies, there is a whole category of foods that are unknown to us in the store.

To conclude, other specialty grocery stores also form this exceptional combo. We are particularly thinking of African, Russian and Bulgarian grocery stores which are in great demand. Thus, nationalism is also sold in culinary terms. Very well accepted, nowadays, it is more talked about as part of the taste discovery than as a cultural dish. All this appeal to world cuisines shows that online organic groceries do not dominate all markets.

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Ethnic online grocery boom: an ever-growing market