European Film Prize 2022: films with a chance

In Reykjavik will be handed over on December 10, the European Film Awards rewarding each year, the best of European cinema. Five films are competing for the 2022 Best Film Award. Some of them were winners at the Cannes, Berlin and Venice festivals.

“Without Filter” by Ruben Östlund

This is, of course, the case of this year’s Palme d’or, won for the second time by the Swede Ruben Östlund for “Without filter” (whose original title is “Triangle of Sadness”). A fierce and uncompromising comedy about the world of the super rich. A swarm of wealthy people find themselves aboard a boat that will be similar to the Titanic.

In Cannes, we asked the director what he was passionate about in European cinema. “What I love about the history of European cinema is that there has always been a lot of focus on social issues and how to create a better society,” Ruben Östlund told us. “Cinema has been a tool to try to improve things and for me there is nothing more useless than making films if I don’t want to change or improve something: that’s cinema European,” he pointed out.

Close by Lukas Dhont

Belgian cinema represents this difference well and gives us a new nugget with the second film by Lukas Dhont, “Close”, on the thwarted friendship of two young teenagers whom the gaze of others will take away from each other. A film of great sensitivity that could seduce the jurors of the European Film Awards.

“In this country, we have several languages ​​and so for me, it’s important to make a film that combines several languages, that breaks down the boundaries a bit,” the director told us at Cannes. “It’s a film where several things can exist side by side,” he had specified.

“The Nights of Mashhad” by Ali Abbasi

“The Nights of Mashhad” (“Holy Spider”) which takes us to Iran is signed Ali Abbasi, exiled from his country, and now a Danish citizen. He delivers a dark film, inspired by the story of a serial killer who killed prostitutes in the holy city of Mashhad. A co-production between Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France.

“Alcarràs” by Carla Simón

“Our Suns” (“Alcarras”) is also a fine example of European co-production between Spain and Italy.

The film tells the story of a family of Catalan farmers who, after having farmed the same land for generations, find themselves expelled and faced with an uncertain future. A bittersweet chronicle of Carla Simón who had won the Golden Bear in Berlin.

“Bodice” by Marie Kreutzer

Finally, the last film in the running for the Best Film Award of these EFA 2022, “Bodice” by the Austrian Marie Kreutzer in which appears the rising actress of European cinema, the Luxembourger Vicky Krieps. It evokes the story of Elisabeth of Austria, known as “Sissi”a free and rebellious woman with a tormented destiny.

The winners of the EFA 2022, including the Best European Film Prize, will be announced at an official ceremony in Reykjavik on December 10. Euronews will bring you the best moments!

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European Film Prize 2022: films with a chance