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Without Filter // By Ruben Östlund. With Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean Kriek and Woody Harrelson.

In original version, Sans Filtre is called Triangle of Sadness, a reference to the famous “triangle” that our face makes between the eyebrows and the nose. Quickly, Without Filter plunges us into a superficial world and imposes itself as an acid criticism of a world quite different from that of popular people, of the middle class. Sans Filtre is aptly named in French because there are no limits in Ruben Östlund’s screenplay. Rewarded with the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Sans Filtre allows itself everything with ferocious dialogues and wacky situations that never cease to ridicule these people that we envy but that we don’t have. even want to envy once the film is over. The director and screenwriter is not known for lace. The Square was already divine but Without Filter pushes even further for an even more amazing result. It all starts with the story of Carl and Yaya, models and influencers who have fake rich problems (because yes, Sans Filtre also distinguishes between the fake rich as influencers who don’t pay the cruise and the real rich who have made a fortune in not always very successful businesses).

After Fashion Week, Carl and Yaya, a couple of models and influencers, are invited on a yacht for a luxury cruise. While the crew takes great care of the vacationers, the captain refuses to leave his cabin as the famous gala dinner approaches. Events take an unexpected turn and the balance of power is reversed when a storm rises and endangers the comfort of the passengers.

In its permanent cynicism, Sans Filtre likes to criticize. Whether it’s a British couple who made their fortune in portable grenades (and who died because of their business, a delirious but enjoyable height) or even a completely depraved Russian oligarch. At first, Sans Filtre is quite soft in its criticism. You have to look for the little acidulous words and the more the film progresses, the more it leads us to the inevitable twist: the sea is unleashed and the boat pitches. It is at this moment that we necessarily see the need for the characters to vomit repeatedly, but this sequence reminds us of how human everyone is. The rich can eat caviar on oysters and all the most expensive products in the world, seasickness does not stop like that (by the way, except while eating, only answer). Then follows a flood of hilarious sequences where the rich are at the height of any human being. Visually, the director is also brilliant.

There is a scene at this moment where the light from a telephone illuminates the faces of the residents of the boat as if they were migrants who had been found at sea. Sans Filtre is clever in its staging at every corner in order to show the excessive side of the rich who want to afford everything except when they are brought back to their own instincts as human beings. Once stranded on a desert island, then the class hierarchy no longer exists. The rich are unable to do anything (except Carl who offers his body). Abigail, the person in charge of the boat’s toilets, therefore finds herself in the place of the lifeguard. She has her hands on all these people who, despite their well-stocked bank accounts, have nothing to give on this island. Without Filter is clearly the director’s best film and one of my favorite films of this year. It’s savage as hell and above all a harsh criticism of these people who look down on the little people but are unable to do anything but buy others. The moral of the story in Without Filter is that no matter how much money you may have in your bank account, when it is not accessible, the rich are nothing. They are just heartless manipulators who think only of themselves.

Rating: 9.5/10. In short, an acid and crazy criticism of the fake rich (the influencers) and the real rich in a delirious farce that allows itself all the excesses. To our greatest delight.

Released on September 28, 2022 in cinemas

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Film review: Without Filter (2022) – Palme d’Or – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip