Harry Styles in the middle of a love triangle in “My Policeman”

From September 28 to October 2, the 33rd edition of the Dinard British film festival will take place, chaired this year by José Garcia. Rolling Stone presents the works in competition.

The 33rd edition of Dinard British film festival approach. Six diverse and varied films will be in competition. Their prizes will be awarded by a jury of professionals chaired by the actor Jose Garcia.

The three prizes for which the films compete are:

  • Hitchcock d’Or Ciné+ | Best Movie
  • Hitchcock Award for Best Performance | Best Performance
  • Special Prize of the Barrier Jury | Special Prize

To these, two public prizes are added:

  • Hitchcock feature film audience | Public Prize Hitchcock, Feature Film
  • Hitchcock’s public shortcuts | Public Prize Hitchcock, Best Short

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Here are the films in competition:

Winners (Hassan Nazer)

Section: Cinema – past, present & future

In a small Iranian provincial town, children work hard to support their families. One day, nine-year-old Yahya and her friend Leyla find a glittering statuette in the desert. Passionate about cinema, Naser Khan, Yahya’s boss, decides to help them find his owner. A charming story that demonstrates the power of cinema over a tight-knit community, all over the world.

My Old School (Jono McLeod)

Section: Eccentrics & Free Spirits

The amazing and true story of Scotland’s most famous impostor. 1993: Brandon, 16, is the new kid in school. Very quickly, he becomes the first of the class, passes his exams, makes friends and even lands the main role in the school musical. He is the model student, until his secret is revealed. With playful animations, a perfect soundtrack and the talent of Alan Cumming, this surprising tale comes to life.

Emily (Frances O’Connor)

Section: Girl Power

The imaginary life of one of the world’s most famous authors, Emily Brontë. Emily is the initiatory, exhilarating and edifying journey of a rebel towards female maturity. Exploring the relationships that inspired her – her raw and passionate relationship with her sisters Charlotte and Anne, her painful and forbidden first love for Weightman, and her caring for her brother Branwell, whom she idolizes, the film paints the portrait of one of the most enigmatic and provocative writers in the world, who died too soon, at the age of 30.

The Almond and the Seahorse (Celyn Jones, Tom Stern)

Category: Girl Power

For Gwen, it’s still 1999. She doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror, nor her partner, although they wake up together every day. Joe’s past is unraveling and his partner, Sarah, fears she will be forgotten. A doctor refuses to give them up, determined not to let them waste away. A funny, poignant and moving story of two couples living with a brain injury and the impact it has had on their lives.

the almond and the seahorse

All My Friends Hate Me (Andrew Gaynord)

Section: It’s Raining Men

It’s Pete’s birthday. His group of friends, met at university, organizes a party for him in the countryside. Nevertheless, Pete is increasingly troubled by his friends’ jokes and sarcastic comments. As the atmosphere shifts from awkwardness to terror and surrealism, Pete comes close to the point of no return during what was supposed to be a joyful reunion weekend.

Pirates (Reggie Yates)

Section: It’s Raining Men

On New Year’s Eve 1999, three young adult friends hit the streets of London, determined to end the year on a high note before their lives are forever changed. Driving a small Peugeot 205, dodging girlfriends and gangs, Cappo, Two Tonne and Kidda are ready to do anything to get tickets for the best party of the millennium.

the Dinard British film festival does not stop at this competition. Indeed from September 28 to October 2, 46 movies in total will be projected. These are divided into five distinct thematic sections:

  • It’s Raining Men : male protagonists in unexpected situations
  • Girl Power : fiery and creative female protagonists
  • Cinema – past, present & future : feature films that represent the evolution of the way we watch movies
  • Eccentrics & Free Spirits (eccentrics and free spirits): nothing holds them back…
  • Irish Eyes in Dinard : new films from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

dinard british film festival

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Harry Styles in the middle of a love triangle in “My Policeman”