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Independent sources confiding in POLITICO.CD, revealed that he was simmering an action against the executive. And who wonders if this procedure was aimed at Governor Jacques Kyabula? To get to the bottom of it, POLITICO.CD took an interest in this dossier.

Indeed, during a plenary meeting held on Wednesday June 15, 2022, it ended in camera. According to the Deputy Gabriel Banza Malale elected from the city of Lubumbashi who participated in this session, he said he was surprised by this speculation. “Because all our hearings are public and the matters on the agenda, including motions, are published through the press,” he said.

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“We worked in two stages. There was a plenary which ended in a meeting between Deputies behind closed doors. And we dealt with issues of a certain sensitivity, insofar as their content at the start could be the subject of possible speculation if made public”, reported the Deputy Gabriel Banza Malale.

And to continue: “Everything that was discussed was neither remotely nor closely related to a procedure of mistrust developed against the provincial executive.”

For him, the Provincial Assembly has always adopted a responsible attitude so as not to fall into institutional crises. “We have given ourselves the discipline, whatever our political divisions, to end our mandate with a palme d’or by avoiding tensions. And as proof, until today, we keep a line of conduct of a distinction compared to the other provinces of the country which have maintained crises with the consequences that we know”, he confessed.

He further affirmed that “there is no crisis of any kind likely to jeopardize the stability of the institutional order in the province of Haut-Katanga.”

Towards the reorganization of the provincial government?

According to another provincial elected official from Haut-Katanga interviewed by POLITICO.CD and who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity, there is indeed “a malaise” which has arisen from the attitude of certain members of the provincial government who do not respect the Provincial Assembly. This is how he calls on Governor Jacques Kyabula to reorganize his government. “We have informed the Chief Executive of the list of his collaborators who have displayed outrageous behavior towards elected officials. And, it is up to him to draw the consequences to further deserve our trust, ”he revealed.

Further, he pointed out that it is not only members of the provincial government who are targeted. In the corridor of the hemicycle of Haut-Katanga, certain members of Governor Jacques Kyabula’s cabinet are also accused of acts similar to those of the Ministers. “He also needs to review his cabinet and sideline people who could cause him problems,” our source added.

“I insist that in all this, the Governor has nothing to do with it. We do not think to open a breach at his expense. Because there were no reproachable facts to put on his back. As far as his collaborators in the government or the cabinet are concerned, it is an internal situation. In a house the pans never fail to jostle. The estrangement that we wanted to present in terms of speculation is not up to the facts experienced despite the fact that the concern was there and was formulated in a responsible way”, confided to us this Deputy of Haut-Katanga.

Clearly we were told in the face of questioning, “Governor Jacques Kyabula is not in an ejection chair”, nevertheless certain members of his government and others of the cabinet are not in the odor of holiness with the representation provincial.

Junior Ngandu

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Haut-Katanga: Is Jacques Kyabula on an ejection chair? | Politico.cd