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The screams, screams, and heat of Hell’s Kitchen are legendary, and it’s time to let fans know what Jean-Philippe Susilovic is up to after Season 12. Gordon Ramsay brought this long-awaited season to fans in Las Vegas. It was a big change from a converted warehouse in Los Angeles. After a hiatus that lasted more than two years, the series finally returned and the chefs were battling for $250,000, plus an executive chef position at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe restaurant. The contestants in this episode were top-notch talent, which provided pure entertainment. Chef Ramsay’s support staff was also exciting. Chef Christina Wilson was back for her fourth season as the red team’s sous chef, and Jason Santos (season 7 runner-up) returned with his blue hair, as the team’s sous chef. blue.

After seeing so many fun and familiar faces from Hell’s Kitchen, viewers are wondering what happened to some of their favorite Hell’s Kitchen actors, including the iconic Jean-Philippe. Butlers are commonly referred to as butlers, and little is said about these Hong Kong cast members, simply because these professionals usually do their jobs so well. While working the front of the house on Hell’s Kitchen, a butler will greet guests, seat them, and bring their order tickets directly to Gordon. These greeters usually keep the house tidy while the kitchen struggles to serve customers. Although viewers adore the current butler, Marino “Subito! Monferrato, most fans consider Jean-Philippe the best butler in the history of Hell’s Kitchen. He was there for shocking Chiefs eliminations. He held the position for the first seven seasons and returned for seasons 11 and 12.

Jean-Philippe was a pillar of Hell’s Kitchen

Belgian Jean-Philippe has an impressive CV. The Hell’s Kitchen butler has worked in some of the world’s (and Gordon’s) top Michelin-starred restaurants. He first met Gordon in Cannes, at the famous La Palme d’Or restaurant. He was 17 and Gordon was 25. Gordon was there to come up with ideas to open his very first restaurant, Aubergine. Jean-Philippe really made his mark in the HK world during season 1. In the tenth episode of this season, a chef named Ralph Pagano called the master of “Jean-Pierre” so many times that Jean-Philippe lost it, telling Ralph, “If you call me Jean-Pierre again, I’ll kill you. From then on, Jean-Philippe was a Hell’s Kitchen fan favorite.

Unfortunately, after season 7, Jean-Philippe left Hell’s Kitchen. He later served as restaurant manager at Ramsay’s London restaurant, Pétrus. He then met someone he liked in Belgium, so he decided to return home permanently. In Belgium, Jean-Philippe opened his own restaurant, Bentley’s. Believing his time in HK was truly over, he found he missed him and was asked to come back. He returned for seasons 11 and 12, then left. The reason for his departure was never explained.

After Hell’s Kitchen season 7, Gordon took to Twitter to appease fans who were worried about Jean-Philippe. Gordon told them, “for everyone asking why Jean-Philippe isn’t in Hell’s Kitchen, he’s back as restaurant manager at Pétrus in London…” However, after season 12, rumors swirled that Jean-Philippe’s back problems had flared up. He had broken his back falling out of a window in 2005. Some thought he was just tired of sweating in the heat of Hell’s Kitchen. In a 2013 interview, according to Matt & Jess, Jean-Philippe said of the show, “I always feel sorry for genuinely talented chefs who have a mental meltdown in the middle of the show, not realizing that they have what it takes. to win. The last few weeks are crazy because some chefs are really tired and doing stupid things. Maybe it was just time for him to quit the race. Whatever the reason, Hell’s Kitchen fans really miss him.

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Hell’s Kitchen: what happened to butler Jean-Philippe Susilovic after season 12? | Pretty Reel