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Ruben Ostlundsatirical black comedy triangle of sadness refuses to make subtle his critique of bourgeois and class inequality. The same goes for one of the Palme d’Or winner’s most iconic scenes, a symphony of illness that unfolds aboard a luxury yacht. Based on an interview with the director of photography Frederic Wenzel and production designer Josefin Asberg per Variety, planning for the disgusting scene began two years before any principal photography for triangle of sadness.

The film’s second act culminates at the captain’s dinner as a raging storm rocks the boat violently, causing nearly everyone on board to succumb to seasickness and projectile vomit. What starts off slow snowballs into a chaotic 15 minutes that ends in a mess of vomit, diarrhea and raw sewage. To help make the disgusting moment happen, they filmed on a set that could actually rock and move like a real cruise ship would at sea. Before the crew even arrived on set, built on a hydraulic lift two meters above the ground, they tested it on a smaller scale in order to understand the physics of the scene.

“It was interesting to test the angle. How is it to sit? When do you feel the effects of movement? When do chairs start to slip? We tried different angles and discussed the different effects,” Åsberg said. As she began designing the dining room, hallway, and cabins for the set, she said the storm sequence was still part of her plan. Åsberg continued, “We were discussing different details that moved with the decor. What kind of curtains do we have? And will they move? Could we have rolling objects in the cabin? »

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Wenzel’s team wanted to build a crescendo that included exploding toilets, flooded cubicles, and people slipping in vomit along the hallways, so the action needed a slow start. The actors were equipped with tubes attached to their faces that could spit out realistic materials created by the SFX team. Åsberg also discussed conversations she had with Östlund about the color and consistency of vomit – including pieces of octopus for one passenger and pieces of shrimp for another – as well as the right shades of color for the waters. raw waste spitting toilet.

Wenzel and Åsberg shared how impressed they were with the 64-year-old actress Sunnyi Melles, who played Vera and had inordinate control over her body, even causing herself to vomit on command. In the scene, his character finds himself stripped naked, barricaded in the bathroom, and clinging to the porcelain throne as a lifeline. “I’ve never met an actor willing to go as far as she was,” Wenzel said. “I remember thinking to myself, this is one of those pictures you never thought you’d take in your life.”

Åsberg said of her work with Melles: “She would sit on the toilet and throw up in the bidet. Besides, should she sit on the bidet and vomit on the toilet? No, maybe we should try one where she’s sitting on the floor and throwing up in the toilet. And then we said she had been doing this for a few minutes, so there must have been some vomit on the floor. The floor was so shiny, so she started to slide with her underside. And then we filled up with more vomit.

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How Triangle of Sadness pulled off their pivotal vomit scene – CNET – ApparelGeek