In 2022, memes strike back


Concept (text, image, video) massively taken up, declined and diverted on the Internet in an often parodic way, which spreads very quickly, thus creating the buzz.

– Larousse Dictionary

Sunwing and Double occupation

The year got off to a strong start with the saga of the influencers who turned a Sunwing flight to the Mexican city of Tulum into a big party at 10,000 meters above sea level, complete with drinking and vaping. Their misfortunes were broadcast on social networks, much to the delight of the masters of the meme (same lord), who were able to have fun online.

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Many people on Sunwing’s flight to Tulum in January had to find another way to get back to Quebec after their names were banned by the company.

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We found them on the web. […] Our gaze was no longer so passive in relation to the [influenceurs]analyzes Jean-Michel Berthiaume, doctoral student in semiotic studies.

A man is having things explained to him, sitting around a table with five women talking.

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The meme of Éric Duhaime being explained why he cannot be present at the parliamentary committee on compulsory vaccination in 2021 makes a return, this time in the program of the hour of truth of “Occupation double Martinique” .

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The same scenario repeated itself later in 2022 for the saga surrounding Double occupationthis reality show broadcast on the Noovo TV channel which was the subject of controversy related to the intimidation that one of the candidates of the show allegedly suffered.

All year, we’ve had fun with influencers and influencers. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

Thank you

In January, the freedom convoy in Ottawa, organized by a group of truckers and truckers, allowed the birth of the best meme of the yearaccording to popular culture specialist Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

This is a montage showing a rainbow – referencing the slogan It’s going to be fine of the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic – and a truck swimming like a dolphin, with the sign Thank youwhich stereotypically mocks the quality of the protesters’ French.

The image was so popular that it was even exhibited at the show’s Jean-Tal gallery. Infomanwhere committed works inspired by current events were showcased.

A dolphin truck dives into the ocean in front of a rainbow with the words “Mersi kemion”.

The “Mersi kemion” meme, from the creator of the L’Actualité en memes page.

Photo: Area 3

Jean-Michel Berthiaume, also a lecturer at the University of Quebec in Montreal, believes that L’Actualité en memes was particularly agile in creating this image on a terrain known to people who participated in the convoy: memes. After all, the latter are probably allied thanks to this web culture, according to the specialist.

This is not a personal attack, but a general one. [L’Actualité en mèmes] conquered poison with poison. It’s worthy of Rock and Belles Oreilles at the time when it was creakysays Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

This is the palme d’or for me this year. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

The year was also marked by the announcement of the retirement of the person behind the page of L’Actualité en memesleaving in mourning many fans of his memes worn on Quebec news.

The summer of Morbius

Sometimes, the mèmosphere does not wait for the news to be unleashed to entertain itself: it takes care of itself. We just have to think to the WallStreetBets Reddit forum sagawhich breathed new life into video game chain GameStop’s stock price in 2021.

A Jedi deploys a second laser on his weapon, pointing at two films that didn't work.

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Actor Jared Leto starred in recent Morbius and Suicide Squad movies from DC and Marvel, both of which were poorly received by critics.

Photo: Christian Yulenberg

This year it’s the movie Morbius from Sony Pictures, starring Jared Leto, which has been the target of Internet users.

No one wanted to see this movie happen. Online people started making memes about it was going to be the best movie in the world, it was going to be brilliantsays Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

Sony thought, “Everyone is talking about the movie, it’s going to be a hit.” They couldn’t be more in the field than that. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

As a matter of fact, the crowds did not rush into the room, as the producer had hoped. The film was a failure: at the beginning of December, Morbius had taken in some US$163 million (C$221.2 million), of which US$74 million (C$101 million) was in the United States. The budget was 75 million US dollars (102 million Canadian dollars).

That’s not all: after the film was withdrawn from the cinema, Internet users generated a new wave of memes on Morbius. Some posing as movie megafans, driving up the ratings on [le site de critiques] Rotten Tomatoes, even creating fanfiction and animated GIFsexplains the specialist.

Faced with this enthusiasm, Sony released the film a second time in theaters.

A man, who represents the president of Sony, does not understand why his marketing team is absent.

Internet users have targeted the system of major film production studios, which think they know what really arouses interest among moviegoers, according to Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

Photo: TaylorTrueFacts

The studio realized that online engagement doesn’t necessarily equate to indoor successlaughs Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

Internet users have shown that they can have the big end of the stick, and that it is not up to the big studios to dictate to people what they want to see. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume
A man whines, in a hospital room, disappointed that it's not the summer of

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George, a character from “Seinfeld”, was taken over to illustrate the crocodile tears of Internet users in front of the failure of the film “Morbius”.

Photo: u/phences

Rest in peace, Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, which occurred in September, caused shock waves online, and the sovereign’s country was not spared.

The web made a lot of fun of, for example, people willing to wait four days in line to see the coffin containing the Queen’s remains.

A line of adventurers on Mount Everest, depicting queuing to view the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

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An image of Mount Everest that went viral a few years ago has been picked up by the mèmosphere to depict the long queue to view the queen’s coffin after her death.

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Several memes subsequently emerged about who would make a good replacement for Elizabeth II on Canadian currency.

A woman cries, thinking about the money she will have to shell out for all the extras who will be waiting in line to see Queen Elizabeth II's coffin while filming the 9th season of 'The Crown'.

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The popular Netflix series “The Crown”, which chronicles the life of the British royal family, is in its fifth season.

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People have suggested members of the crew of In a galaxy near youor, why not, the character of Moman from The little life.

Kyiv’s Ghost

The year in memes wouldn’t be complete without addressing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022. The Ukrainian resistance has inspired the web a lot, at least in the West, which saw in Volodymyr Ukrainian, a hero. Even the official Ukrainian government Twitter account started posting combative memes on its page.

A woman observes, annoyed, her lover watching walking in the street a woman who represents Volodymyr Zelensky.

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President Volodymyr Zelensky made a strong impression on the world at the start of the invasion in Ukraine.

Photo: u/I_Respect_Ants

Zelensky captured people’s imaginations by [tentant de montrer] that the Ukrainians were stronger than all. His game with virality quickly took over the misinformation imposed by the Russian governmentexplains Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

The production of memes about Ukraine [et par l’Ukraine] undoubtedly helped the resistance efforts. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

Among the memes that stand out is that of Ghost of Kyiv (the ghost of Kyiv), which circulated like a modern myth, notes the specialist. The image refers to a Ukrainian pilot who, during the early stages of the invasion, allegedly shot down six Russian fighter jets in less than 24 hours.

A man representing a Russian fears another man who represents the ghost of Kyiv, a fighter plane.

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The legend of the Kyiv ghost (“Ghost of Kyiv”) has been picked up online as a contemporary myth.

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Otherwise, there have been plenty of pictures of Zelensky himself, dressed as a soldier, addressing his people from his office, or walking down the street, as one would with a Reel [sur Instagram]indicates the doctoral student, causing an effect of proximity, of union.

Photomontage showing a Russian pointing a gun at a Ukrainian, then the latter retaliating with a much more powerful weapon.

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The people of Ukraine have often been portrayed online as being ready to do anything to defend their territory.

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It allowed people to follow the conflict in near real time and shaped one of the most important historical figures of the 21st century. [à date]he adds.

For Jean-Michel Berthiaume, the memes of 2022 have one thing in common: they lead a fight against law enforcement.

I saw there [en 2022] an attempt to reclaim power, from the base of the pyramidconcludes the specialist.

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In 2022, memes strike back