In 2022, the Civil Security of Nogent-le-Rotrou was present on all fronts

Civil Security contributed to the distribution of drinking water in Madagascar. ©UIISC1

In 2022, the military of the UIISC1, always ready to leave to protect and rescue populations in France and abroad, have carried out numerous missions. Return.

A busy start to the year

In February and March, at Madagascar, a water treatment detachment of the Unit ensured the production, analysis and distribution of drinking water to the Malagasy population hard hit by a strong hurricane seasonin close liaison with local authorities and NGOs.

In March, April and May, the UIISC1 took part in three successive solidarity convoys, carried by the UIISC rescuers, organized by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas -sea, as part of the mechanism of European Union civil protection.

These convoys, made up of important donations of equipment and emergency vehicles, were offered to the Ukrainian service in an emergency situation.

In the Dordogne and in the Allier

UIISC rescuers, firefighters and logisticians collectively enabled them to be transported to the Suceava hub in Romania. These actions demonstrate France’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

In March, the Unit’s rescuers responded to a major fire in the La Breille-les-Pins sector (Maine-et-Loire), alongside the Maine-et-Loire departmental fire and rescue services. -Loire, Indre-et-Loire and Sarthe.

Two sections of intervention ” Forest fires “ and a specialized intervention detachment were engaged. Rescuers and firefighters treated, day and night, all the hot spots in order to prevent any recovery on the 170 hectares covered by the fire.

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In June, following bad weather and hailstorms in the Dordogne and in the Allier, the UIISC1 intervened to carry out security operations, covering roofs, land and drone reconnaissance, alongside local firefighters and extra-zonal reinforcements.

What about summer?

Last summer, as every year, in coordination with all the actors of the DGSCGC, 600 rescuers from the three Civil Security Military Training Units (ForMiSC) were engaged in the fight against forest fires in Corsica and on the continent, while maintaining a intervention capability deployable in France like abroad.

Their missions were to participate in the fight against forest fires, to provide assistance to threatened or disaster-stricken populations, to safeguard the ecological heritage, to participate in the field network with means prepositioned in surveillance, to raise public awareness of the risk of fire and to carry out preventive actions.

In September, a humanitarian aid operation French emergency response was deployed in Pakistan by the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, together with the General Directorate for Civil Security and Crisis Management (DGSCGC) of the Ministry of Interior and Overseas.

It was made up of experts from the UIISC1 in motor pumps as well as medical and nursing staff from the UIISC1, the Paris Fire Brigade and the Marseille Fire Brigade. In addition to medical support missions, UIISC1 experts have trained and equipped several Pakistani teams with pumping equipment.

In autumn…

In October, it is then a detachment of 40 lifeguards who was hired for a month in the district of Dadu, in Pakistan, to implement a WP (Water Purification) module, specializing in water treatment, and to produce more than 600,000 liters of drinking water for disaster victims.

She also intervened in Pakistan.
She also intervened in Pakistan. ©UIISC1

Outreach and events

In parallel with these operational missions, the Unit took part in many local, sporting, patriotic and military actions, in its garrison town and in its region of establishment. It has strengthened its links with young people, for example by forging a new partnership D class of Defense and global security E with the Robert Garnier high school in La Ferté-Bernard, and by continuing the action of civil security cadets with Auteuil apprentices from the Château des Vaux.

The UIISC1 also organized its Open Days in June, with 40 entertainment stands, restoration and canine demonstrations, rescue-clearance or forest firefighting, welcoming nearly 10,000 visitors.

The UIISC1 flag was awarded two new decorations in June, in Brignoles, by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, who wished to collectively reward the rescuers of the three Training and Intervention of Civil Security for their commitments in France and abroad.

100 young people recruited

Thus, within the framework of the citation of the UIISC1, the UIISC5 and the UIISC7 at the order of the Army, their emblems received the gold medal of national defense with the award of a palm bronze. The Ministry of the Interior awarded them the gold medal for acts of courage and devotion. The Unit recruited 100 young people, whom she trained as part of the shared training course between the UIISCs: initial general training at the UIISC1, then specialized technical training at the UIISC5 and the UIISC7 in natural and technological risks. The transmission of know-how and military values, of cohesion, and of a sense of duty, between older rescuers to younger ones, is an integral part of our profession.

The year 2022 is coming to an end. In 2023, the rescuers will, as always, be ready to fulfill their duty, at the service of France and the people.

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In 2022, the Civil Security of Nogent-le-Rotrou was present on all fronts