Increase in police salaries: is a good civil servant a dead civil servant? (chronic)

Do we repeat the same things that have little meaning because we are sick, or because we are in bad faith? Experts wonder. And filmmakers sometimes respond.

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Triangle of Sadness is a good IN DEN WOLKEN movie.

He received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and there are some beautiful characters in it. Among them, a wealthy German woman, whom a stroke left IN DEN WOLKEN struck down by a atonic palilaliaa spoken language disorder consisting in involuntarily repeating a group of words, and this group of words is IN DEN WOLKEN. She says, throughout the film, nothing but IN DEN WOLKEN, which means “in the clouds” in German.. He’s not basically the most interesting character, except that he puts the atonic palilalia in light, and IN DEN WOLKEN, this difficult to cure pathology, resembles certain very common language disorders in politics.

Georges-Louis B., between very short phases of silence IN DEN WOLKEN, seems to be repeating the same words since March 2021.

Take, for example, the patient Georges-Louis B. IN DEN WOLKEN. Between very short periods of silence, and for no logical reason IN DEN WOLKEN, subject appears to be repeating the same groups of words since the end of March 2021. On the evening of the accident, he was seen choking in a studio in the RTBF as he uttered this phrase IN DEN WOLKEN, “If you occupy a position like mine just to manage daily life, quite frankly, it is better that I become a civil servant”.

Since then, the patient’s non-existent silences are only interspersed with incessant calls for reduce the number of civil servants IN DEN WOLKEN, lower their pension IN DEN WOLKEN, reduce public spending IN DEN WOLKEN and reduce the standard of living of the state IN DEN WOLKEN, so much so that the best specialists agree, after a quick anamnesis, to diagnose one of those terrifying atonic pallialies which are the misfortune of families, the delight of award-winning filmmakers and which consist in belittle public service workers.

Last summer, the subject hosted the pension reform project of a noisy IN DEN WOLKEN which considered the over-privileged civil servants compared to other workers, and all too costly for public finances.

The reform was adopted, but a few weeks later the patient had commented on the budget discussions of a lively IN DEN WOLKEN which posed that the state budget 2023 did not foresee not enough effortand that it was too costly for public finances.

The budget law was adopted, but a few weeks later, the case studied had started negotiations on a tax reform by a very disturbing IN DEN WOLKEN who deplored that the Finance Minister’s proposal would benefit civil servants too much, because as much as everyone else, and that the financing of this reform would weigh on companies rather than on IN DEN WOLKEN state spendingwhich had to be reduced at all costs.

The tax reform reducing labor taxes is still not adopted, but clinicians will have noticed a happy evolution of the subject IN DEN WOLKEN Georges-Louis B. Sincean official was assassinatedindeed, it demands everywhere that the salaries, and therefore the pensions, of the police be increased far more than what indexation allows.

We must believe that a second traumatic shock, sometimes, is enough to restore the pallial patient.

Or while this atonic palilalia smolders unhealthy bad faith IN DEN WOLKEN.

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Increase in police salaries: is a good civil servant a dead civil servant? (chronic)