Inglourious Basterds: Tarantino confirms having written one of the main roles for Adam Sandler

The famous American filmmaker wanted to see comedian Adam Sandler embody one of the protagonists of his “Inglourious Basterds”. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he hoped.

Inglourious Basterds : Sandler at all costs

In 2009, Inglourious Basterds makes a sensational entrance into dark rooms. Since considered one of the best Tarantino, the film takes place in France, during the German occupation. There, we follow the fate of several characters. That of Shosanna, a young Jewish woman – the only survivor of her family – embarked on a quest for revenge, but also that of Lieutenant Aldo Raine. This soldier, with a little particular methods, constitutes a group of American Jewish soldiers.

His goal ? Massacre Nazis on French soilbut not anyhow! In the most violent way possible, in order to scare the other soldiers. Faced with all this little world, the formidable Hans Landa, Colonel SS devious and particularly dangerous under his sweet air. All will end up crossing paths in a cinema, for a very special session

Inglourious Basterds ©Universal Pictures

Quentin Tarantinomade a revelation about his film at the microphone of the podcast ClubRandom. Accompanied by the director and comedian Judd Apatow, the holder of a Palme d’Or confirms having written a role ofInglourious Basterds to Adam Sandlerand not just any!

It’s the character of Sergeant Donny Donnowitz, aka the Jewish Bear, which should have been returned to the actor. Visibly, the latter was more than ready to participate in the project. Tarantino remembers the actor’s enthusiasm after reading the script, which he simply adored. Sandler was particularly excited about the idea of ​​a very particular sequence of the feature film.

He told all the Jews he met that he was going to “play this guy who smashes Nazis at bat”.

Despite this encouraging information, what happened to make things not happen ? It would seem that the “culprit” is none other than Judd Apatow himself!

First come, first served

Also present at the microphone of the podcast, the famous comedy producer explains that at the same time, he was preparing to shoot funny people. A project in which Adam Sandler had already committed to participate a year and a half ago. The two shoots taking place at exactly the same time, the actor could not play the famous Sergeant Donny in Inglourious Basterds.

Donny Donnowitz (Eli Roth) - Inglourious Basterds
Donny Donnowitz (Eli Roth) – Inglourious Basterds ©Universal Pictures

A disappointment which, for a time, plunged Tarantino into some turmoil. The latter is amused by the fact that “Judd had hired all the good Jews to shoot in funny people“. He thus quotes Sandler, but also Seth Rogeninsisting everyone was too busy starring in the comedy-drama.

I kill Hitler with a baseball bat and no Jew is available!

If Apatow admits to having “felt bad” when he realized the shoots were overlapping, the director of Kill Bill does not seem to have held it against his fellow filmmaker.

And you can imagine, behind his jokes, Tarantino quickly bounced back to cast a new actor. It is Eli Roth, a longtime friend, who eventually replaced Sandler with flying colors. The latter thus joined a five-star cast, from brad pitt to Christoph Waltz Passing by Melanie Laurent, Jacky Ido or Denis Menochet.

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Inglourious Basterds: Tarantino confirms having written one of the main roles for Adam Sandler