Invisible Man: how were the scenes with the invisible man shot?

TF1 is broadcasting a remake of the invisible man released in 2020 this Sunday, January 22, 2023. But how were the scenes for “Invisible Man” shot?

[Mis à jour le 22 janvier 2023 à 20h33] The Invisible Man, a character invented by HG Wells, was given a new film adaptation three years ago. Invisible Man is to be discovered on TF1 this Sunday, January 22, 2023 if you missed it at the cinema. This feature film takes the strong position of following Cecilia, Kass (Elisabeth Moss), victim of domestic violence, who managed to flee her attacker Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) but who finds herself persecuted by an invisible force. What if it was her ex, who is supposed to be dead?

Invisible Man is full of scenes of tension, and others where Elisabeth Moss finds herself flying through the air as if she were being manhandled by an invisible man. But how were these scenes shot? Oliver Jackson-Cohen had a stunt double, Luke Davis, who wore a green suit only to later be invisible in the edit. The motion-control method, which films the bare set during the same take, was used during certain scenes. The rendering is devilishly effective!

Synopsis – Cecilia Kass has long suffered the violence of her companion, a brilliant and wealthy scientist. One night, she flees and takes refuge with her sister, their childhood friend and her teenage daughter. To her great surprise, Cecilia learns that the man who bullied her for years killed himself and left her the tidy sum of 5 million dollars. But is he really dead? Strange events make him think not. She discovers that her ex has built a machine allowing him to make himself invisible. No one believes her, not even her relatives. Her behavior is worrying and she herself fears for her mental health…

Invisible Man is a production of the Blumhouse studio, known in recent years for having produced many horror films at a lower cost for maximum profits. In particular, we owe Jason Blum’s studio all the Paranormal Activitybut also the sagas American Nightmare and Insidious. It is also at Blumhouse that were produced Split and Glass by M. Night Shyamalan as well as get-out and Us by director Jordan Peele.

In France, Invisible Man received mostly positive reviews from the press. Le Figaro thus speaks of an “intelligent film, in tune with the times” with its exploration of domestic violence and the invisibilization of women. For Première, even if the allegory of “sexual predation, toxic masculinity and, by extension, the invisibilization of women in a patriarchal society” is “malignant”, the result remains “rather conventional”. The specialized magazine also finds that Whannel’s feature film “never really manages to keep the promises of its promising pitch”.

Liberation also finds the film “quite classic” in its form, “uneven, at times unbalanced” but “always thrilling in its way of shooting in length and exploding by successive detonations”. Widescreen confirms: Invisible Man “refuses the crudest effects” of the genre and trades the strong jumpscares for a discreet tension. The website, however, regrets that the feature film is “too long for its own good” and features an unbalanced final act. In total, the film “starts strong and will unfortunately have a hard time staying the course, the fault in particular of a few risky screenplay choices”. Not enough to sulk his pleasure, however, Invisible Mandespite its flaws, is a film that must be discovered.

Invisible Man is also the occasion to find Elisabeth Moss also cinema. The actress, who has made a name for herself with her roles in hit shows like madmen (from 2007 to 2015) and more recently The Handmaid’s Tale (since 2017), participates in many film projects in recent years. Take for example The SquarePalme d’Or 2017, HerSmell or Us by Jordan Peele and The French Dispatch, a film by Wes Anderson. On television, we had also seen her in the mini-series Top of the Lake.

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Invisible Man: how were the scenes with the invisible man shot?