“It’s a beautiful portrait of society”: without filter, the people of Cannes criticize the Palme d’Or

Acidic, provocative and hilarious. “If you look at it as a caricature of today’s world, there is everything in this film.” Isabelle Danel suspected it: this delirious and uninhibited cruise could only please her. All the same, the Cannes woman had to take a look at this enjoyable satire of the super-rich and luxury worthy of its name, Without Filter (Triangle of Sadness), which won the Palme d’Or the day before.

His point of view? Excellent. “I followed the ceremony a lot. I expected something in this style, but not to this extent.”

The first scenes immediately captivated her. “The characters have everything to be happy. They are both very beautiful, rich. Despite their happiness, money ruins everything.”

From this session, which only locals who have justified their residence to obtain the precious tickets were able to attend, Isabelle Danel will retain only one message: “Material good is just junk. When we make wealth disappear, we perceive many other things…”

Profile of the company

On the luxury yacht, the dolce vita is over. Even if the members of the crew subsist as best they can to the whims of the billionaires on board, a storm falls on their comfort. Turned into real chaos. The guests, as detestable as each other, suffer from seasickness and vomit their guts.

After an interminable night for some, deadly for others, a few survivors end up on a desert island. Suddenly, the roles are reversed.

The rich must bend to the knowledge of the poor to survive. The cleaning lady, “toilet manager”, is named captain of the survivors. Now billionaires, influencers and employees must learn to live together.

This work dissecting the springs of class stunned this young couple, Ninon and Mario. By his biting humor, above all. “It’s a beautiful portrait of society that we found very amusing, entrust the two spectators. There’s a lot of third degree.”

What did they appreciate the most? No subject was forgotten.

When the model Carl refuses to give in to gender stereotypes, one of the staff members denounces the racism he suffers from a Russian client, an assumed capitalist.

A dive without filter in the current world, therefore. Despite its lengths.

Too long?

In any case, this is what Marie-France Bernard-Arnauld thinks. “Well, staying 2h30 in a movie theater… There are certain scenes that we could have cut. Without them, the understanding of the story would have remained the same.”

An octogenarian from Cannes, hidden behind her red carpet glasses, thinks no less. “It was too long! I was tired of sitting. It took the fun out of me.”

Fortunately “we have fun the rest of the timeshade Marie-France Arnauld. We spend a very good time in front of this film filled with humanity. It’s interesting to see the mode of survival of each, according to the characters and social classes.

This boat crossing will remain in the minds: “I will think twice before going back to sea with my husband.”

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“It’s a beautiful portrait of society”: without filter, the people of Cannes criticize the Palme d’Or