Jean-Louis Trintignant, suffering from cancer, wants to end it: he did not come on the day when his last daughter was killed

The actor Jean-Louis Trintignant has known many misfortunes during his existence but none are worth the death of his two daughters. Exhausted by his suffering and cancer, the actor no longer wants to fight.

Known for his role in “Et Dieu… created woman”, Jean-Louis Trintignant is no longer in good shape. The actor has cancer and the latest news is hardly encouraging. While he still mourns the untimely death of his two daughters, the actor seems to have lost all taste for life.


On November 24, 2021, Nadine Trintignant, the ex-wife of the famous actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, was the guest of CNews. She shared the rather alarming news regarding the health of her ex-husband.

Indeed, during the interview, Nadine Trintignant confided that her ex-husband had diabetes, a disease whose symptoms will crescendo since he refuses to do any diet.

“He’s losing his sight, he can’t walk well anymore. He’s not well, no, he’s bad”,

found the one who had shared the actor’s life for 16 years. This is not the first serious illness that affects the actor. Already in 2004, the actor himself revealed that he had prostate cancer.

If the fans had been appalled to learn this terrible news, the actor had added in the columns of Nice-Matin that he was not taking any treatment to fight against the progression of this cancer. Something to worry more about those around him.


The misfortunes will not have spared Jean-Louis Trintignant. It took many years for the actor to show how destroyed he had been by the losses he had suffered. First there was the death of his daughter Pauline. She was still just a tiny baby when death had struck without warning.

Then, his daughter Marie Trintignant had died under the blows of her companion, the former leader of the group Noir Désir, who is none other than Bertrand Cantat. The drama took place in Vilnius on the night of July 26-27, 2003. The couple, who were staying in a hotel at the time, had an argument.

Bertrand Cantat then rained blows on his companion who had fainted. The singer having delayed in calling for help, the actor’s daughter had sunk into a coma from which she had never woken up. The young woman had breathed her last on August 1, 2003.

15 years later, Jean-Louis Trintignant still had not been able to mourn. For the actor, his life had ended at the same time as that of his beloved daughter. She was, in her own words, the most important thing in his life. His death had plunged the actor into deep sadness.


In 2007, after only 4 years in prison, Bertrand Cantat was released for good behavior, a fact which only exacerbated the anger of those close to Marie Trintignant. Nadine Trintignant, the mother of the actress had stepped up to the plate to express her bitterness and her dismay at this release.

Without mince words, she declared that Bertrand Cantat had not paid enough for the harm he had done to his daughter and her family. For his part, Jean-Louis Trintignant had preferred to devote himself to his daughter with whom he had very strong links. If the actor does not hide the sadness he had felt on learning of the death of his daughter, another feeling had come to haunt him: guilt.

Indeed, Jean-Louis Trintignant thinks that he could have saved his daughter from the clutches of his executioner. The fact is that that fateful evening, he had to go see his daughter, but he had ended up changing his mind, especially because of the distance. He lived 4 or 5 days away by car from the scene of the tragedy.

“Maybe it was my fault: if I had been present that evening, she probably wouldn’t have died. This guilt weighs heavily on me because I’m almost sure I’m right,”


Jean-Louis Trintignant’s career has been prosperous since his beginnings in the 1960s. The actor has played in numerous films which have brought him fame and notoriety as well as a few awards, witnesses of the talent which is his and which does not. never left.

However in 1972, Jean-Louis Trintignant had given up appearing in a film, “The last Tango in Paris” because of his little girl. Marie Trintignant, who was 8 years old at the time, had prevented her father from accepting the role, arguing after reading a few passages from the screenplay, that she could no longer show herself at school.

As a loving and caring father that he was, the actor had refused the role which then fell to Marlon Brando. The film had certainly been a great success, but it had also been marred by a huge scandal.


A sword of Damocles has been floating above Jean-Louis Trintignant’s head since he was diagnosed. The actor knows that he is condemned because of his prostate cancer, but he also admitted that he was not afraid of this disease, even less of its consequences including death.

Not at all frightened by the idea of ​​dying, the 91-year-old actor, rather hates old age which is only for him a succession of problems. During an interview for the promotion of his latest film “Happy End”, Jean-Louis Trintignant confided that he had suicidal thoughts.

In 2004, Jean-Louis Trintignant announced that he was suffering from cancer, but he preferred to ignore the stage of the disease. He had simply specified that if this disease had scared him for a long time, it was no longer the case.

Refusing to let the disease rule his life, the actor had resumed the path of filming even less that of the red carpet. Thus in 2012, he had personally made the trip to receive his palme d’or at the Cannes film festival for his performance in “Love”.


For nearly 8 years, Jean-Louis Trintignant has been very discreet in front of the spotlight. In 2013 already, the actor of “Amour” openly announced that he was retiring.

“After these last two performances, I don’t do anything anymore. Neither theater nor cinema. Make way for young people”,

he confided in Nice Matin before going back on stage for a poetic recital titled “Three libertarian poets of the 20th century”. This decision to leave was motivated by the fact that the actor was starting to feel very old.

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Jean-Louis Trintignant, suffering from cancer, wants to end it: he did not come on the day when his last daughter was killed