JM 2022: Algeria succeeds in its bet, achieves revealing technical results

The 19th Mediterranean Games in Oran, played from June 25 to July 6, were the major event of national sport in 2022, marked by popular enthusiasm and revealing technical results, punctuated by an Algerian harvest never before achieved with 53 medals (20 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze).

On the sporting level, the domination was, of course, on the side of countries like Italy with a total of 159 medals (48 gold, 50 silver and 61 bronze), ahead of Turkey with 108 medals (45 gold, 26 silver, 37 bronze) and France with 81 (21 gold, 24 silver, 36 bronze), but Algeria also managed to do well.

With a total of 53 medals (20 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze) and a 4th place in the final standings, Algeria achieved its best harvest of all time, erasing from the shelves the performance achieved in 2001 in Tunis with a total of 32 charms (10 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze).

The 15th Algerian participation in the JM d’Oran will remain etched in the minds of the athletes and in Algeria’s Mediterranean record, both for the men with a harvest of 38 medals (13 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze) and for the ladies with 15 charms (7 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze).

Traditional providers of medals, athletics and boxing were “faithful” to their custom, pocketing 13 medals including 5 gold.

Athletics stood out with new champions, such as Djamel Sedjati (800m), Bilel Afer (height) or Yasser Mohamed Triki (triple jump), while in boxing, the palme d’or returned to the Ladies who, for their first participation, pocketed three gold charms (Romaysa Boualem, Hadjila Khelif and Imen Khelif), one in silver and as many in bronze.

The surprise of the Games came from karate with a harvest of 4 gold medals, with Oussama Zaid (-75kg), Cylia Ouikane (-50kg), Louiza Abouriche (-55 kg) and Chaima Midi (-61 kg), and 2 money.

Swimming was not to be outdone, thanks to Jaouad Syoud, author of three medals: one in gold in the 200m medley, one in silver (100m butterfly) and one in bronze in the 200m butterfly.

Wrestling and weightlifting, for their part, marked the games with, respectively, 3 medals including one in gold from Sid Azara (Greco-Roman) and five charms.

Other sports marked their first consecration to the JM. This is badminton with the gold of the double (Kouceila Mammeri-Youssef Sabri Medal) and that of Soussen Boudiaf (Saber / fencing), but also the roundup with the silver of Lamia Aissioui and the bronze of the double ladies.

But beyond these satisfactions, other disciplines have disappointed, like tennis, cycling, taekwondo, horse riding and team sports.

Successful bet also on other levels

In addition to the performances, the JM-2022 were a great challenge for Algeria, which mobilized all its human and material resources in order to make them a success, after those of 1975 in Algiers.

Shifted by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Oran games recorded the presence of 5,000 participants, between athletes and accompanying persons from no less than 26 countries, competing in 24 sports disciplines, to which are added 4,000 volunteers of different age groups.

The event was also entitled to impressive media coverage, with the accreditation of 2,000 journalists, including 1,596 from the national press, written and audiovisual, and 472 others from the foreign press.

The popular enthusiasm for these games was also one of the great successes of this meeting. Algerian supporters stormed all the competition sites, creating memorable atmospheres, which transcended the athletes to achieve feats engraved forever in the history of the Games.

With the emergence of new champions and the capital of confidence garnered during these games, Algeria has real assets to shine at the next international events, the most important of which is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

On the organizational level, the JM-2022 allowed Algeria to consolidate its experience in the field and is preparing to confirm it during the African Nations Football Championship (CHAN2022), scheduled for January 13 to next February 4, where it will be necessary to watch the grain

and do not overlook any detail, because the tournament will support Algeria’s files for the organization of future events, including the 2025 African Cup of Nations.

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JM 2022: Algeria succeeds in its bet, achieves revealing technical results