KHADRA TIME / EN Belmadi version: To mark is sacred!

Since arriving on the national team bench, Djamel Bemadi has played 36 games. The record is almost immaculate. Only one defeat and a series of 33 games without setbacks. The other impressive stat is that the Greens have scored in 35 of those 36 tests. An offensive success that has proven to be crucial at times when others have been saving. Back in figures on this abundance.

In order not to lose, you must not cash in. To win, you have to score. The Greens have been able to find the balance between the two aspects to build an invincible status. However, the greatest achievement of this “ balance ” remains the coronation of CAN-2019 in Egypt. With better attack (13 goals) and co-best defense (2 goals conceded), El-Khadra landed on the roof of theAfrica becoming the undisputed master.

17 different goal scorers and assistants

The consecration was in the continuity of an invincibility series started on November 18, 2018 in Lome with the wide success 4 goals to 1 against the Togo ofAdebayor. Since then, theIN scored at least once in each of the 33 exams she took. A feat that has allowed him to remain undefeated until today with a record of 25 wins and 8 draws.

The only task in the balance sheet of Desert warrior under the orders of Belmadi was at Cotonou (Benin). The Beninese won 1 goal to 0. It was the only time that Riyad Mahrez & cie could not find the loophole. The observation is simple, when he deciphers the opposing defensive code, the Algerians never lose. And even when the defense becomes too permeable and concedes up to 3 goals, as was the case against the Zambia (3-3) on the move, this is offset by the performance of the vanguard.

Bounedjah and Belaïli stand out

Since his first outing on the Dz bench, Belmadi saw the team score at 90 times while his rear guard has cracked 26 times. In total, 17 different goal scorers have been identified and so many smugglers. The palme d’or for “ scorers ” goes to Baghdad Bounedjah with 18 units before Riyad Mahrez (16) and Islam slimani (11) became historical goaleador of Fennecs during this era with 38 banderillas.

As for the king of the offerings, it is about the impressive Youcef Belaïli (15 units) which does much better than Mahrez (9 units) in this register. Nevertheless, it can be noted that the latter is present in both tables. This demonstrates, if necessary, its ability to influence the game and influence the stake. In addition, it can be noted that the doublet Bounedjah – Belaïli hit in 10 occasions. The connection between the two will have been remarkable.

Furthermore, it is useful to note that 76 goals from 90 was scored in the game against 12 on a stopped phase (penalty, free kick or corner) and a two “against his camp”. The danger of African champions can therefore come from anywhere and in various game situations. An asset that could be used to adapt to different scenarios in a football match.

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KHADRA TIME / EN Belmadi version: To mark is sacred!