Launch of an association for gender equality in culture on Saturday

Just formed, the HFx Grand Est association officially launches on Saturday November 26 to work in favor of gender equality in the arts and culture. All the goodwill are welcome.

In 2006, Queen PratInspector General of the Ministry of Culture makes a damning observation of the inequality between men and women in the arts and letters. In a report made public, it highlights the overrepresentation of men in responsibilities in the cultural sector, and the difficulties of women in accessing means of production and subsidies. In 2009, she wrote a second reportwhich notes that nothing has changed on the one hand but above all, which highlights the blockages faced by women, particularly within the State.

Collectives everywhere except in the East

Following the publication of this text, and a general awareness in culture, the movement “HF France: Acting together for equality between women and men in the arts and culture” was created. “Several regional associations were born in 2009 but… not in the Grand Est. It is in this context that the HFx Grand Est association was finally created, as explained by one of the co-founders, Juliette Steiner, director:

“The gender inequality figures in our field are still overwhelming. Thus the five national theaters have only granted 27% of their 2020/2021 programming to female directors. But we lack regional figures, this is one of the reasons why we are launching this association for the Grand Est. »

Anyone can get involved

The HFx Grand Est association calls on all people of good will to come forward and participate in its first projects during a launch party, Saturday November 26 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Théâtre national de Strasbourg. The association will thus join the Interregional HF Federation, which already has nine collectives in France and one cross-border, HF Europe. An “x” has been added to the name of the Grand Est association, in order to integrate gender minorities in its fights against discrimination.

The HF collectives have three main missions:

  • identify inequalities in rights and practices between men and women in the worlds of art and culture, all functions combined (artistic, administrative and technical),
  • raise awareness among professionals, institutional leaders, elected officials and public opinion,
  • Obtain more egalitarian orientations for cultural policies.

Among the actions, Juliette Steiner cites as an example the ” Heritage Days“, which highlight the historic achievements of women and recalls that since the creation of the Cannes Film Festival, only two female directors have received the Palme d’Or, in 1993 and 2021 – including one tied with a man.

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Launch of an association for gender equality in culture on Saturday