Léger poll: barometer of business personalities of the year

Every week, The newspaper, in collaboration with the firm Léger, unveils a probe on a variety of subjects that affect you from near or far. Our barometer thus measures what makes you vibrate or frown as a Quebecker, young and old, francophone, anglophone or allophone, in Montreal or in the region.

What do you think is the Quebec personality of the year in the world Business ?

1. Sophie Brochu (Hydro-Québec): 15%

Photo Jean-François Desgagnés

2. Alain Bouchard (Couche-Tard): 14%

Photo QMI Agency, Martin Alarie

3. Ricardo Larrivée (Ricardo Cuisine): 11%

4. Véronique Cloutier (Véro): 10%

5. Pierre Karl Péladeau (Quebecor): 8%

6. Peter Simons (Maison Simons) 7%

7. Dominique Brown (Favorite Chocolates) 7%

8. Vincent (Vincenzo) Guzzo (Guzzo Cinemas) 7%

9. Christiane Germain (Germain Hotels) 7%

10. Jean Coutu (Jean Coutu Group) 7%

11. Danièle Henkel (Daniele Henkel Enterprises) 5%

12. Louis Morissette (Productions KOTV) 5%

13. Pirate’s Heart (Bravo music) 5%

14. Geoff Molson (Montreal Canadian) 4%

15. Guy Cormier (Desjardins Group) 4%

16. Caroline Néron (Caroline Néron) 4%

17. Lise Watier (Lise Watier Cosmetics) 3%

18. François Lambert (François Lambert Enterprises) 3%

19. Joey Saputo (Montreal Football Club) 3%

20. Adrien Gagnon (Santé Naturelle AG) 3%

21. Neil Rossy (Dollarama) 3%

22. Louis Garneau (Louis Garneau Sports) 3%

23. Eric R. La Flèche (Metro) 3%

24. Catherine Dagenais (SAQ) 2%

25. Guy Laliberté (Entrepreneur) 2%


A web survey was conducted from November 20 to 22, 2021 among 1,017 Quebecers, aged 18 or over and able to speak French or English. The survey was carried out in two stages. An open question was asked to the LEO (Leger Opinion) panelists to submit business personalities who marked the year. Then, on the basis of the most mentioned names, each respondent could choose up to three people. Only the 25 most mentioned names are presented in this barometer.

  • Philippe Leger, The Journal of Montreal

The observation

It would never have been possible to carry out a barometer of personalities in business just a few years ago. We are witnessing a real explosion of entrepreneurs in our media space. 62 of them were named and surveyed. The entrepreneurial podium of 2021 fairly well represents the different types of entrepreneurs that exist: the extension technician, Sophie Brochu; the discreet, Alain Bouchard; and the people, Ricardo.

The surprise

There are two entrepreneurial worlds which differ mainly in language. Among Anglophones, Geoff Molson, Vincent Guzzo and Joey Saputo are first chosen as entrepreneurs of the year. Among francophones, another story is said, we are turning more to Ricardo and Véro, as well as Dominique Brown and Christiane Germain.


Michael Rousseau, CEO of Air Canada, is excluded from the barometer. In view of everyone’s media weight, one would have thought that this adopted Quebecer, reprimanded for his indifference to French, would have succeeded in carving out a place for himself. Maybe his French lessons will get him back up the slope next year, who knows? Or maybe not …

When Sophie, Véro, Alain, Ricardo and PKP stand out

  • Michael Girard, The Journal of Montreal

CEO Sophie Brochu knows “her” Hydro so much that she gives us the impression that she has held this prestigious position for a very long time. During his recent stint at Everybody talks about it, she had “electrified” viewers with her enlightening explanations of the famous electricity export contract she had concluded with New York State.

Among the top 5 personalities in the business world, we find the dynamic Véronique Cloutier, whose name has become a trademark greatly appreciated by the public. Véro is everywhere: Véro.tv, Véro Magazine, Véronique and the Fantastic, Loto-Meno, the documentary by Véro, Véro the host of the Gala des Gémeaux … With her charisma, she “enters” our living rooms as if she were part of the family.

The co-founder and executive chairman of the board of Alimentation Couche-Tard, Alain Bouchard, will undoubtedly win the Canadian gold award for the highest-paying insider deal this year by selling $ 300 million in shares of his multinational. One thing is certain, it will “help out” Quebec and Ottawa for tax purposes!

Cooking Ricardo

Meanwhile, Ricardo Larrivée was gaining the attention of the business community not for his cooking skills, but for ceding control of his company Ricardo Media (founded with Brigitte Coutu) to Canadian food giant IGA. No matter how much we “cook” him, no way of knowing at what price he sold his shares.

A true CEO-orchestra, Pierre Karl Péladeau oversaw Quebecor, TVA Group and Videotron this year. As CEO committed to the defense of Quebec Inc., he is a model, while recognizing the unwavering support of the late Michel Nadeau.

“If Videotron and so many other companies in Quebec have remained in the hands of Quebecers, Quebec owes it to Michel Nadeau, the linchpin of financing and inspiration,” wrote PKP.

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Léger poll: barometer of business personalities of the year