Lyon: what mayor Grégory Doucet (EELV) is preparing for 2022

Grégory Doucet and his teams will thus be able to continue, or even accelerate, their ecological and social policy. Many changes await the Lyonnais, here is a non-exhaustive list.

Transport and mobility

Even if it is the Métropole de Lyon which holds the majority of the levers of action on the theme of transport and mobility, the City still has some prerogatives. Thus, all streets in Lyon will be limited to 30 km / h from March 30, 2022 for motorists. Some exceptions should be specified in the coming months.

Together with the Metropolis, the town hall will also be able to inaugurate the first Voie Lyonnaise (L1) reserved for cyclists between the Wilson and Lafayette bridges on the banks of the Rhône, over a distance of 3.5 km.

Finally, a new sustainable river logistics service should emerge on the Rhône. Boats will transport goods from the Edouard-Herriot port to reach the quay at Pont Morand. Electrically assisted bicycles will make the last kilometers to ensure distribution to traders and residents of the Peninsula.

Health and nutrition

Even if no date has been revealed, Lyon should host a summit bringing together all the health ministers of the European Union. In February, another major meeting will take place. The mayors of several major European cities will be able to discuss this topic in Lyon.

On the other hand, the City of Lyon should implement a number of measures concerning the diet of its citizens. Thus, from January, school canteens will be provided by a new service provider chosen for its locally sourced dishes. The share of “organic” should reach 50% by the end of the year.

Still in the canteens, families will now have the choice between a menu containing animal proteins and another vegetarian.

In addition, the City will create two new “fertile districts” in Mermoz and La Duchère. These sites will be made to transform and distribute food products to the inhabitants. A room will serve as a group of purchases and solidarity cuisine.

Energy transition, environment and nature in the city

From this Sunday, January 1, nearly 40 municipal buildings will consume at least 25% of biogas from French production. This new standard aims to “aim for the energy neutrality of municipal buildings”.

Also, the City of Lyon has planned to launch a 3rd Light Plan in 2022. Several consultations with residents, traders and professionals will be carried out to find a consensus around light pollution and energy efficiency while maintaining efficient lighting of the area. Lyon architectural beauty.

After taking measures to limit the city’s climate impact, Grégory Doucet wishes to bring the people of Lyon closer to nature. This is why in July the first “Fête de l’eau” will take place, which will put the Rhône and the Saône in the spotlight.

The municipality should also reveal to Lyonnais the orientations adopted for the creation of a “park of Balmes” on the heights of the hill of Fourvière. A little further down, the Rosary Garden will be renovated.

Public service

As announced in December, the City of Lyon will implement its plan to 7 million euros for the revaluation of the salaries of municipal officials. Category C agents will be entitled to an increase of 600 euros gross / year on average. The agents of the so-called “feminized” sectors (which employ a high proportion of women) will also be increased from 150 to 250 euros gross / month.

The municipal police officers will receive 1,400 euros gross more per year and the childcare auxiliaries of 1,000 euros gross / year. Finally, the City will create 50 new positions in one year.

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Lyon: what mayor Grégory Doucet (EELV) is preparing for 2022