Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

Culture news Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

The month of December is about to begin and Netflix continues to add to its catalog of Christmas productions, but not only! The catalog of the American giant embellishes new original programs including a series featuring a very popular video game character. Small selection of films, series and animated films to watch for the last month of 2021!

The piano lesson

As almost every month, Netflix continues to feed its catalog of original programs, but also great classics of cinema. December is no exception to the rule with the arrival of Jane Campion’s film, The piano lesson, released in 1993. This adaptation of the novel by Jane Mander, whose original title is History of a river in New Zealand, tells us the dramatic story of a young woman, Ada MacGrath, and her nine-year-old daughter, Flora, who in 1852 were both sent to New Zealand from their native Scotland. Mutic since her childhood, Ana must marry Alistair Stewart, a colonist with whom she only exchanged a few letters. Once there, Ada is deprived of her favorite instrument, a grand piano, which her new husband exchanges for some additional land. Strongly linked to this object, Ada cannot resign herself to abandoning it because she, when her daughter is not acting as her interpreter when she signs her hands, is used to expressing herself through music. As a result, she will have to comply with the many demands of her husband throughout the film to recover him little by little, revealing to us in the process the unknown reason for his silence and the link she has forged between this object, her first husband and herself. Beyond the rave reviews from the spectators, The piano lesson notably allowed the director Jane Campion to receive one of the most important distinctions of cinema, namely the Palme d’Or in 1993, being the one and only woman director to receive this prize, until the triumph of Julia Ducournau with Titanium in 2021.

  • Available December 1
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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

Tokyo Godfathers

Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

In December, Netflix kills two birds with one stone by combining Christmas atmosphere and a great animated film. Released in 2003, Tokyo Godfathers is a feature film created by one of the masters of the genre who cut his teeth alongside Katsuhiro Ōtomo, namely Satoshi Kon, who is also a mangaka, and who is known for the following works: Perfect Blue (1997), Millenium Actress (2001) or again Paprika (2006). The animated film tells us about the crossed fates of three characters who are struggling to find their place in Tokyo society. One of the heroes, Gin, is a man who accumulates problems: on the straw, he abandons his wife and child and finds himself completely ruined and alcoholic. The latter then lives in the streets of Tokyo in the company of Miyuki, a runaway and delinquent teenager in conflict with her father, and Hana, a transgender woman who dreams of having a child one day.. Like a Christmas miracle, the latter’s wish seems to come true on the evening of December 25 when the three accomplices are alerted by the cries of a newborn baby, abandoned behind trash cans. If Hana decides to keep him for a while, the three friends will finally embark on a real epic through the streets of the Japanese capital to find her biological mother and give her a soap.

  • Available December 1
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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

La Casa de Papel – Part 5 Volume 2

Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

Cut into two volumes, season 5 of the Casa de Papel, a series created and co-produced by Álex Pina, was already apprehended last September for a salvo of five episodes before the final rush, scheduled for December 3, because this fifth season will indeed be the last for the series whose popular and planetary success is never empty. Three months later, Volume 2 makes its debut in the Netflix catalog with the five remaining episodes expected to be in the vein of those released in September. For this final, La Casa de Papel decided to move up a gear by embracing a more raw side of stripping and blockbuster that contrasts with the thoroughness of the beginnings, typical of heist films and series. Within the Bank of Spain, the war between the two camps is raging and it is possible that not everyone comes out unscathed, as the events of the first volume have shown us.. For now, it’s unclear if the Professor’s contingency plan will go through without too many hitches or how the series will end, but it could be that some new faces introduced through flashbacks, during Volume 1, make their entry to help the famous robbers with the names of cities.

  • Available December 3
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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

God’s hand

Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

For once, Netflix signs with God’s hand an astonishing cocktail that mixes Italian auteur cinema and autobiographical narrative. This original creation is none other than the new film project by Paolo Sorrentino, whose career was quickly crowned with success as he managed to secure a place among the films selected for the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2004, and this from its second realization. Since then, his filmography has expanded while marking the world of cinema and God’s hand, his tenth feature film, seems to continue on this path. The film features the filmmaker’s youth, a period of his life as well turned upside down by the arrival of a certain Diego Maradona, from Barcelona, ​​as a future player of SSC Napoli as by the death of his parents a few years ago. later when he was only 16 years old. In this new fable for Netflix, the director uses the exceptional event of the arrival of Maradona to narrate this troubled period of life that is adolescence, through the character of Fabietto Schisa, on which Sorrentino puts its mark between picturesque stories borrowed from emotions, polished and controlled photography and poignant themes like that of time passing. Between succinct happiness and life’s trials, Sorrentino’s fate quickly catches up with the young hero of this film to deliver a story that is at once jovial, sad and intimate against a backdrop of daily life punctuated by sport, family and love.

  • Available December 15
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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

The Witcher – Season 2

Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

After almost two years of waiting, the Witcher saga is back on the SVOD platform. During the first season, the teams behind this Netflix creation took the time to introduce us to the universe, the characters and the plot of Andrzej Sapkowski’s work by tackling the adaptation of the news of two first collections that are The Last Wish and the sword of providence. This season 2 therefore gets to the heart of the matter – by adapting the real first book, entitled the Blood of the Elves, not without filling this salvo of eight episodes with some news not used in season 1 -, and will therefore tell us the intrigue which binds, mainly, Geralt de Riv, played by Henry Cavill, Yennefer and Princess Cirilla that the famous witcher took under his wing in order to ensure his training in combat and the handling of the sword. It must be said that the powers of the princess are of great interest to the Empire of Nilgaard since the army is actively looking for it after having set the Kingdom of Cintra on fire and blood. As the war grows disproportionately large, Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Triss, Yennefer and many others will have a lot to do as, in the shadows, other dangerous enemies prepare for the offensive, posing another threat. on the young Cirilla.

  • Available December 17
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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial

Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

For this original Netflix production, director Adam McKay, who we recently know for these last two productions, namely The Big Short: The Heist of the Century (awarded the Oscar for best adapted screenplay in 2016) and Vice, offered a monumental casting! See instead: Leonardo Di Caprio, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and many more! In the form of an assumed satire that is both funny and depressing, the film taps into a large number of subjects – media, social networks, conspirators and even government institutions – and the result looks very positive if we are to believe the first feedbacks. -Atlantic! Headliners of the feature film, Drs Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky are two scientists perched and not very competent, camped by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Di Caprio, whose mission is to organize a media tour in order to inform and convince the United States of America that a huge meteor is about to crash into Earth, causing the end of the world. Described as a dark comedy by the director and ironically presented by Netflix as an inspired comedy ” real events that never happened … until now “, Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial has all the good surprise of the end of the year 2021!

  • Available December 24
  • Watch Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial on Netflix
Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

It also comes out in December

  • The Redoubtable (by Michel Hazanavicius) on December 1 on Netflix
  • JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean December 1 on Netflix
  • Taxi Driver (by Martin Scorsese) on December 1 on Netflix
  • Watch – Season 1 (documentary series by David Fincher) on December 6 on Netflix
  • Titans – Season 3 December 8 on Netflix
  • Shaman King – Season 2 December 8 on Netflix
  • Unforgivable (with Sandra Bullock) on December 10 on Netflix
  • Snatch (by Guy Ritchie) December 15 on Netflix
  • Le Prestige (by Christopher Nolan) on December 15 on Netflix
  • Aggretsuko – Season 4 on December 16 on Netflix
  • Aquaman (with Jason Momoa) December 19 on Netflix
  • Cobra Kai – Season 4 on December 31st Netflix
Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021

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Netflix: movies, series, animes not to miss in December 2021