Netflix: new movies to watch in December 2021

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio whistleblowers in a crazy comedy, Benedict Cumberbatch at Jane Campion, Sandra Bullock “unforgivable” … Check out the feature films that await you in December 2021 on Netflix.

Oh Oh Oh … We don’t know you, but seeing Netflix’s film lineup for this month of December, we would almost want to still believe in Santa Claus, as the svod giant offers us a shower of stars! Benedict Cumberbatch at Jane Campion, the big comeback of Jennifer Lawrence alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Don’t look up – Cosmic Denial, the talented Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman opposite Dakota Johnson for The lost daughter, the return of Maestro Paolo Sorrentino, or even Sandra Bullock in “unforgivable” mode … If we are not spoiled with all these beautiful people!

Jane Campion in the spotlight

On the first day of December, subscribers will indeed be able to discover the new feature from director Jane Campion: The Power of the Dog. In this western, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a landowner as charismatic as he is feared, and who has decided to show all the pain to his brother’s new wife and the latter’s son. On this occasion, the platform will offer several films by the filmmaker, including Sweetie (1989) and The piano lesson, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993.

The new original films of December 2021

The Power of the Dog (1/12): Charismatic breeder, Phil Burbank inspires fear and admiration. He lives hard on the new wife of his brother and his son … until he catches a glimpse of love.

The Whole Truth (2/12): When a brother and sister discover a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents’ house, horrific incidents reveal their family’s dark secrets.

That romance blows (2/12): At Christmas, Peter decides to pass off his best friend as his companion. But his plans are turned upside down when his family members play matchmaker.

Cobalt Blue (3/12): When a budding author and his nonconformist sister fall in love with the enigmatic tenant of the family home, the sequence of events upsets their traditions.

The tape (3/12): In 1999, the young Beverly discovers the broken cassette of a compilation made by her deceased parents. By researching these songs, she will get to know them better.

David and the elves (6/12): Jaded and overworked, an elf flees to the real world in an attempt to feel the magic of Christmas with the help of a young boy who becomes his friend.

The Claus Family 2 (7/12): Delivering gifts, this is the only mission of Santa Claus. But when Jules takes over the reins from his grandfather, he is faced with a special wish from a little girl.

Asakusa Kid (9/12): Before breaking through, Takeshi Kitano learned the ropes from the genius of humor Fukami. But as his notoriety grows, that of his mentor falters.

Back (10/12): Two strangers wake up, their abdomens sewn together. And the shock is all the greater when they discover who is behind their appalling torment.

Anónima (10/12) Born of an SMS sent by mistake, the virtual friendship between Vale and Alex turns to romance. But both are unaware that they have already met in the flesh.

Even more beautiful (10/12): After breaking up with the man of her dreams, Marta finds love with an artist. But life has some surprises in store for this sick young woman and her friends.

Back home (10/12): They are sometimes a little scary, but these deeply misunderstood creatures have hearts of gold. And if they escape from their prison, it is to find a home!

Unforgivable (10/12): Released from prison, a woman convicted of murder returns to a society that refuses to forgive her and seeks the little sister she was forced to abandon.

God’s hand (15/12): In the Naples of the 80s, the young Fabietto lives his passion for football when the family tragedy strikes which will forge his fragile but promising future as a filmmaker.

Best wishes from Lagos (12/16): A mother’s Christmas dream, and all that it entails, sparks fierce competition between her three sons.

Christmas in California: City Lights (12/16): A year after starting their romance, Callie and Joseph leave the ranch to run family affairs in San Francisco. Could there be marriage in the air?

Daddy don’t give gifts (12/21)

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial (24/12): Two panicked astronomers embark on a media tour to warn humanity that a killer comet is hitting Earth. But there is still more serious, no?

Aux Antipodes de Noël (24/12): A holiday tale, a romantic comedy … and above all the story of a grumpy man in his thirties who lets himself be carried away by the spirit of Christmas, of course. reluctantly.

Doraemon and Me 2 (12/24): Nobita travels to the future to show her fiancée to her beloved grandmother … but the adult Nobita has fled her own marriage! Will he ever be a good husband for Shizuka?

Minnal Murali: By the Power of Lightning (12/24): Endowed with special powers after being struck by lightning, a tailor must face an unexpected foe to become the superhero their hometown needs.

Lulli (12/26): After being electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious medical student begins to hear other people’s thoughts. With Larissa Manoela.

Hilda and the Mountain King (12/30)

The Lost Daughter (12/31): A woman’s peaceful seaside vacation is spoiled when her obsession with a young mother staying in a nearby villa awakens a painful past.

Seal Team: A team of seals! (12/31): A fearless seal named Quinn makes up a squad of disparate recruits. Their mission? Challenge ruthless sharks with sharp teeth and reclaim the high seas.

New films available

The grinch (03/12): In Chouville, we like to celebrate the holidays, especially Christmas. But the locals are also terrified of the Grinch, a hairy green creature who has never recovered from the meanness his classmates have shown him. Exiled in the mountains with his dog, he ruminates on his revenge.

She adores it (24/12): Muriel, fan of successful singer Vincent Lacroix for 20 years, is embarked on an unexpected story when he rings the bell.

But also : Robbers (01/12), The formidable (01/12), Taxi Driver (01/12), Seven lives (01/12), 3:17 p.m. for Paris (07/12), Snatch (12/15), Prestige (12/15), Aquaman (19/12)

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Netflix: new movies to watch in December 2021