Netflix: our pick of what to see in December 2021

The platform that makes “TUDUM” is playing Santa Claus this month, with a host of new original content scheduled to end the year 2021 in style. From the last chapter of La Casa de Papel to the long awaited season 2 of The witcher, including an original film by Jane Campion or that of Adam McKay with a cast more All-Stars than ever … There will be something for everyone! Mark your calendars: here is our selection, far from being exhaustive, of the programs not to be missed in December on Netflix.

December 1: Lost in Space, season 3

It’s time to say goodbye to Will Robinson. Lost in space, the little nugget SF from Netflix, remake of the cult show of the same name from the 1960s, is back, finally! That’s the good news, knowing that the fans were impatiently awaiting new episodes, since the broadcast of the second season almost 2 years ago … The bad, however, is that this news season 3, freshly arrived – in its entirety – on the platform this Wednesday, December 1, will indeed be the last… Come on, we prepare the handkerchiefs and we will immediately find the Robinson family and the famous Robot for a final that s announcement as moving as it is epic!

December 1: The Power of the Dog

Many great filmmakers have succumbed to Netflix’s sirens in recent years. Today it is the turn of Jane Campion, whose name will forever be engraved in the history of the 7th art as the very first woman to have received the prestigious Palme d’Or in Cannes, for the Piano Lesson in 1993. She introduces us The Power of the Dog, a western worn by Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst, just that, for which the director has just received a new honor: the Best Director’s Prize at the Venice Film Festival. To discover now, exclusively on Netflix.

December 03: La Casa de Papel, Part 5 – Volume 2

Here we are finally. The greatest robbery of all time is about to deliver its denouement. Volume 2 of Part (or season) 5 of La Casa de Papel will land in two short days, this Friday, December 3, on Netflix. A final chapter once again made up of 5 episodes, which promise to keep us going until the last minute, for a grand finale that will certainly be explosive! So, will El Profesor manage to complete his project? The robbers still reclusive in the Bank of Spain will they manage to get out? Are we still going to mourn the deaths of mythical characters? Book your Friday evening, there will be no time to waste: to avoid any nasty spoilers, or “disclosure” in bad French, it is better to prepare for a good big binge-watching session!

December 10: Unpardonable

After having already experienced success on the platform with the fantastic and scary thriller Birdbox, Sandra Bullock is back to headline a new Netflix original film. This time, she encamped an ex-detainee facing the difficulties of reintegration. This mother, convicted of murder, may have served her sentence, society is not ready to forgive her for her past … A shocking story which, although adapted from a British mini-series (Unforgiven), raises burning questions about the US justice system and inequalities across the Atlantic. A role still sizeable for the Oscar-winning actress (The Blind Side in 2010), surrounded by other well-known faces, including Vincent D’Onofrio and Viola Davis. See you on December 10 to find out Unforgivable, exclusively on Netflix.

December 17: The Witcher, season 2

We hear you from here, stamping with impatience. It must be said that once again, almost two long years have passed since you were bewitched by the Witcher. And despite all this time spent, the magic has not ceased to have an effect, quite the contrary, since you are anxious to discover the continuation of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia and Princess Cirilla, the first season having reserved their meeting for the very last episode, obviously… You will therefore find them together, finally, and not only them, since another emblematic character, however presumed dead, will be back in this season 2… Note it in your diary: the 8 new episodes of The witcher will land on Netflix on December 17th!

December 22: Emily in Paris, season 2

Another room, another atmosphere. But this series created by Darren Star, the father of cult shows of the 1990s (Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, then Sex and the City…), Has also had its small effect on the streaming platform. Whether it is to make fun of American clichés on Parisian life, or to secretly revel in the adventures of dear Emily, there is no doubt that you too have succumbed to this ultra glamorous and romantic Netflix original creation! And that you will not resist season 2 ofEmily in Paris, which will arrive as a gift under the tree, just before Christmas on December 22 on the platform …

December 24: Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial

The name of this new Netflix-stamped original movie might not mean much to you, but you’ve probably heard of it before. For good reason, this feature film by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice…) Brought together the whole of Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Ron Perlman, Chris Evans or even singer Ariana Grande… The list is long and prodigious! All these beautiful people will make you have a merry Christmas indeed, arriving on December 24 on the platform in this wacky comedy. A word about the history of Don’t Look Up, incidentally? Two astronomers try, as best they can, to warn humanity of an imminent cosmic catastrophe …

December 31: Cobra Kai, season 4

Ah, the best for last! If you agree with these words, it is because you too have become addicted to this series as improbable as it is enjoyable, which follows the cult saga of the 1980s, Karate kid. Netflix had allowed us to start the year well, by putting season 3 online on January 1, 2021, and now the platform invites us to end it in style as well, since this new season 4 will arrive right on December 31. Day when we can, finally, 30 years later, see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso fight side by side! Remember, the eternal rivals have finally decided to join forces, and especially the students of their respective dojos, to beat the terrible Kreese and his army of apprentices in the famous All Valley karate tournament. Problem: the latter also called for reinforcements … A certain Terry Silver, the big bad of Karate Kid 3 !

And also…

03/12: The tape, a comedy-drama about an orphan girl who seeks to learn more about her parents through an old compilation from their teenage years.

03/12: Jurassic World – The Colo of the Cretaceous, season 4 of the animated series inspired by the famous film franchise.

06/12: See, a documentary series by David Fincher, consisting of visual essays, in homage to cinema.

08/12: Titans, season 3 of the series adapting the adventures of the young superheroes of DC Comics, led by Dick Grayson alias Robin.

09/12: Asakusa Kid, a biopic dedicated to the famous Japanese actor and filmmaker Takeshi Kitano, returning to his humorous beginnings with his mentor, Fukami.

12/15: Elite – Short Stories, 3 new episodes concocted like short films about the students of Las Encinas.

12/15: God’s hand, an original film by Paolo Sorrentino, which follows a teenage boy in Naples in the 1980s, whose life changes after his unexpected meeting with Diego Maradona.

24/12: At the antipodes of Christmas, a comedy that comes to us from Spain and tells the story of a grumpy thirty-something who will let himself be invaded by the spirit of Christmas.

12/31: The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut, a drama otherwise portrayed by Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson and Peter Sarsgaard.

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Netflix: our pick of what to see in December 2021